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UER Forum > Journal Index > Atomic Garden's Journal > Our Geo W. Reed & co. adventure (Viewed 1723 times)
Our Geo W. Reed & co. adventure
entry by 6 Atomic 6 Garden 6 
10/28/2004 9:58 PM

JaNiFoUr, Canadian Psycho and Alvin went with me to Geo W. Reed & co. and we had fun. Wel not rilly, something messed up happened... Here i go:

We decided to meet up at St. Henry around 3:30. WE then walked to the building. We took about 10 mins to figure out were to get in from (thanks for nothing) and walked by a parking lot were a GARDA car was parked, there was a guy in the drivers seat and well we din't really care. We found a plywood sheet leaned on the side of broken windows. OK lets get in!

Inside there was nothing really interesting. well i mean all the rooms are almost the same. So we find stairs leading to the roof, we climb up. We were like 20 minutes in the building.

As JaNiFoUr looked down in a broken skylight pane, she saw this guy, i freaked out, well he looked like a urban explorer until he frowned,
in a angry voice he said "Guys get down, Now!"

Holy Shit I tought, I started telling everyone to get the F*uck out of the building. We climbed down on the second floor (were he was) and started running like chikens with no heads. Then i realized that A) he was on that floor and we couldnt get out from here without breaking our sorry asses. I run down The stairs and everyone followed me.

At the first floor, I was frantically looking for any broken windows to climb out of. My heart was pounding inside of me, i spot this bucket on the floor. I took it and placed it under a large enough opening for me to fit in (forgot that i was the smallest.) With my bag on I jump through without realising that i cut myself everywhere. I land in a tree and there was a branch right in my back.

JaNiFoUr is out next and i see a hand holding a tripod
sticking out the window. I grab the tripod and started to find a way out. Oh shit i had to climb a 6 foot fence with no tube at the top. I land in someones yard. There was this lady looking out of her window and came out and was looking at me really funny i explained to her what happend ( it was for a project excuse). The girls took at least 3 minutes trying to climb the fence.

We ran out by the gate and we were finally on the street, away from any "danger." While Crossing, JaNiFoUr gets her bag hit by a car and the guy stops. We finally get to the other side and start looking to see if he's in any windows. He gets out this door that we didn't see before, looks at us and starts running towards us.

We all run to the metro and get to my house were we now are, Things left behind: Watch and bracelet. That was pretty fun...after we were out of danger. I still didn't know why we ran. What would of been the worst that could've happened? well at least we didn't lose any id or something were they could of traced us.

thats it for our adventure

[last edit 10/29/2004 8:07 PM by 6 Atomic 6 Garden 6 - edited 1 times]
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UER Forum > Journal Index > Atomic Garden's Journal > Our Geo W. Reed & co. adventure (Viewed 1723 times)

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