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UER Forum > US: Pacific Southwest > Hey Bay Area! (Viewed 814 times)

Location: California
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Hey Bay Area!
< on 9/30/2020 6:39 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Hi fellow adventurers!

I usually stay around vallejo. I have my own car, camera(s)+, and a slew of handy gadgets (night vision! Burning laser beam! Hammocks! Tactical bags/ vests! Tools!!.)

Anyway, I wanted to offer, if you don't have anyone to adventure with, or you don't currently have your own method of transportation, (actually,.even if you do have those things....) I would be down to collab on some shared expeditions around the area. I don't know many people out here even after 6+ years, and hardly anyone who are interested in this hobby.

A few points:
my car is on the small side but it's quick and gets decent gas milage. However, it is small. So, please be covid free, like I am!

Depending how far away you are, I might ask for a small portion of kickdown towards some gas but that's all.

I will probably have lots of snacks on hand.


Location: Atlanta
Gender: Male
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feelin toasty

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Re: Hey Bay Area!
< Reply # 1 on 10/1/2020 12:42 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I have to ask about the gadgets! Do your night vision goggles really come in handy for UrbanX? How often do you use them??

Also what's the laser for? I'll admit I've got a lil one (not quite burning) that I keep in my bag, but other than pure entertainment, and I guess hypothetically the ability to knock drones out of the sky, is there an actual Urbex function for a burning laser?

If I wasn't at the other end of the country I'd totally be down to join you lol

Hope you can find some explorers in your area!


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Re: Hey Bay Area!
< Reply # 2 on 3/20/2021 3:32 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Hey! I am interested in meeting up and collaborating with you. I have a few days off a week from my day job. Let me known if you're still interested and we can talk and see if we can put something together.


Location: Bay Area
Gender: Female
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Re: Hey Bay Area!
< Reply # 3 on 4/1/2021 2:36 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
whats up! i’m totally down for a collaboration or a fun adventure together with me and my friends. We are looking to go to the sihlos at night or sunset for some cool night shots and maybe you’d be interested?


Location: Fremont, CA (East Bay Area)
Gender: Male w/ Female Bits
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Sometimes you just need to do something crazy to feel alive

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Re: Hey Bay Area!
< Reply # 4 on 4/25/2021 7:06 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I'm always up for getting to know people to go explore with!

I can get places via BART since I live pretty close by to one. Wouldn't mind meeting up (and this goes for people in general) somewhere first to just get to know or whatever - y'know - feel each other out.

But hope you find peeps


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Re: Hey Bay Area!
< Reply # 5 on 4/28/2021 4:45 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Sounds like you're prepared for some sick adventures! I have an old first gen Tacoma and am always looking for people who are down to go on adventures (also fully vaxxed at this point, addressing COVID concerns). For me, the further out of the way, the better! I live in Marin but am frequently in Vallejo and the east bay. Let me know if you're hankerin' for some urban exploration!

UER Forum > US: Pacific Southwest > Hey Bay Area! (Viewed 814 times)

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