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entry by Brat Bondage 
9/17/2004 1:30 AM

The stealth-like paws of a stray slowly creep their way across the rusted sewer grate, while the howling wind blows litter across the vacated streets with utter indifference.
Even in these ungodly hours, the seedy ghetto underbelly thrives with life invisible to the naked eye.
The sale of human flesh is advertised to the public in all it's flashing-neon glory, while the competition peddles her wares mere feet away in the confines of an alley. A roach motel above offers the club patrons an hourly rate, amid the crumbling drywall and leaky sinks. On occasion, a siren races by to interupt what is otherwise a remote and desolate part of town. Or, at first glance, what seems to be. How quickly it's denziens abandon the streets with the setting of the sun, giving way to whatever crawls it's way out the the perverbial gutter to feast on those too nieve to take shelter.
A junkie paces outside an all-night convience store, it's theft-deterant lighting shining so bright it's almost damaging to the eyes. Slumped outback next to a trash bin, a vagrant sleeps off the reminents of a Listerine binge. The empty, plastc container still clutched between his hands like some prized trophy. A greasy-haired man, his wife-beater stained with sweat and dribble, leans out a 5th floor window to chastize a couple arguing across the street. The ulmost intollerable humidity intensifing his anger all the more. A single, red light illuminates a back-alley door. An entrance to an underground gambling palour, run by the Chi-town mob. Steeped in tradition and mystery, it's members speak of it only in hushed tones of reverance. Despite the heat, a cabbie sits around the corner, the windows of his cab rolled completely up. Self-preservation taking precident over personal comfort, his sips his coffee, methodically staring. Forever staring.
Welcome to the nocturnal playgound, where eveyone looks over their shoulder.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > ~Gh0sT St0r1Es~ > Playground.... (Viewed 1714 times)

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