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UER Forum > Journal Index > ~Gh0sT St0r1Es~ > Nooks and Crannies.... (Viewed 1349 times)
Nooks and Crannies....
entry by Brat Bondage 
9/16/2004 3:24 AM

Poured concrete superstructures stand in their enormity, as Goliaths amongst the sea of Davids, the setting sun reflected in their skin of polished glass.
The intricate placement of thse moulded giants provides it's dwellers a million places of shelter, unaccessable to prying eyes or scorching rays of solar light. That which can be construed as refuge to the impoverished is also a makeshift urinal to a staggaring drunkard, while on his merry way to a hangover. The convoluted labyrinth of passageways that link these modern bohemoths scream of decay and appauling desperation.
Graffitied walls read like 21st century hyroglyphics, their coded messages chipped and cracked as the bricks they were written on. Cardboard shanties, side-by-side, compose makeshift villages, harbouring the derilicts of a planet too busy to retrieve it's dead. At times, the distance between wealth and poverty, excess and deficience, can be measured by the width of a street. The shielded gaze of the needy to greener pastures afar becomes disheartening, a torture in and of itself. Close enough to view, yet far enough to remain unattainable.
A young prostitute lurks in the doorway of a nearby hotel, shivering yet sheltered from the falling rain. Her short synthetic skirt offers her little warmth against the chilly fall temperatures, and her white, knee-high boots glisten from moisture against the headlights of passing traffic. She eagerly awaits a customer, if only for the momentary comfort that comes with the vehicle's interior.
Everywhere you go, you pass someone's little corner of the world.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > ~Gh0sT St0r1Es~ > Nooks and Crannies.... (Viewed 1349 times)

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