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UER Forum > Journal Index > Life, the Universe and Everything > Psyched out (Viewed 1743 times)
Psyched out
entry by Duke 
9/2/2004 2:04 PM

So I went to the whitby psych last night for the first time in ages, and it was good. First chance I've had to do any UE for a while so it felt extra good. The place was so open it's not even funny, damn near every building we walked by had at least one POE. We went from bottom to top, covered the tunnels up to the roof of building 30. Unfortunately we kinda ran out of daylight early on so I had to use my flash for a lot of pictures, but I found a lot of places that I plan on going back to when there's a lil natural light.

We started by hoppin in a window (with the help of a conveniently placed chair) that had shards of glass precariously hanging down lookin ready to guillotine our heads off. From there we headed to the basement and hopped in the tunnels. Unfortunately my companion didn't have a dust-mask. This was even more unfortunate because I would've felt like a dick wearing mine while she had nothing, so I left it at home. Needless to say, the tunnels were pretty hot n stuffy.

After runnin around in the tunnels, and checking out a few buildings, it became painfully obvious that I had no idea which building numbers we had checked out, and little clue as to how to find the morgue. However running around the tunnels for a while we did find some pretty interesting places, although pretty much all of them had various means of access from the outside that would've been much more comfortable, but whatever.

One thing we came across in the tunnels that was funny was a wallet. We're crawlin around in the dirt in this real tight place, and I find this thing covered in dirt. I took a peak through it and we figured out that my friend worked with him, so she's bringing him the wallet. Almost as cool as the rooms full of porn.

After runnin around the tunnels and checkin out a few buildings for a while we decided to hop out of the tunnels. We left the building we were through the back door and started walkin through the grass to building 30. by this point it was RIGHT dark out and I was runnin out of batteries in my cam so we made it quick. In, up to the roof, and back out.

All in all it was a rad trip. It felt so good to just be there, and not at home. I left a shitstorm when I went out in the first place so being somewhere quiet, and still, was very nice. It feels good to escape. forget about life, bullshit, family, all that. It's funny how the only cure for loneliness is embracing it.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Life, the Universe and Everything > Psyched out (Viewed 1743 times)

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