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UER Forum > Journal Index > MMMMM candy corn > Camera man, Dog Woman, Machinery and Security Guards (Viewed 2268 times)
Camera man, Dog Woman, Machinery and Security Guards
entry by keti 
8/27/2004 6:42 PM

So Matt is redesigning, so i figured I'd start making up for the missing chronicles (of which there are many). This was one of my favorites

80 degrees, not a cloud in the sunny sky, what a better way to spend this beautiful day than a trip to our favorite asylum? Matt, Gad and I enjoy the conservation land as we make our way to the grounds. As we get closer, a guy with a really nice camera walks past us. We wonder if he was at the hospital taking pictures, or photographing the natural scenery around us (The later seeming unrealistic to me, as I'm not one for nature, and couldn't imagine why anyone else would be)? Seeing other people around makes me uneasy... Except for that one time when we were at almost the same point on the trail when we saw a group of ragtag kids with flashlights coming from the other direction who asked us if we were going to the hospital, then told us it was impossible to get into but that "tomorrow we're going back in the middle of the day with crowbars to pry open a door right on security's path". well, that's what they might as well have been saying.

But back on topic...

I get easily sketched out, but we continued on. I'm not that much of a stupid girl. We get to the end of the conservation and Matt opts to check to make sure we're clear to make our entrance. But wait! What's this? A van. Parked right in the middle of the hospital's old baseball field. Weird... and bad. It's not even a security truck or anything, just an unmarked soccer-mom mini-van. We turn around and walk back a bit to decide what to do. We stand talking for a minute or two when we see the camera man walking back towards us. Then a dog comes running up to us and starts barking. What the hell! Completely confused, we stand there while the dog continues barking at us. A woman comes up behind the dog, from the direction of the van. presumably, it is her mini van. the camera man and dog woman cross paths right in front of us, and they proceed to have a conversation about her dog. Making no point of acknowledging us, they start walking away from the hospital together.

Man, Woman, and dog.

so we're trying to figure out what to do, and think maybe we should go in...? when suddenly we hear the loud groans of heavy machinery coming from one of the asylum's buildings. Several minutes of this and it just keeps getting louder and more annoying.

Completely frustrated about everything, we decide to just walk around the conservation/outside the grounds. We emerge from the conservation onto a large dirt road, a small hill and a few trees being the only wall between us and the hospital. A few minutes of walking down this road, and suddenly dog woman and camera man appear out of nowhere and keep a considerable distance between us, but are more than likely following us. We know we look wicked suspicious, what with the backpacks and ragged i'm-ready-for-wet-tunnels clothing. So much for hiding in plain sight, huh? Well we're not going to turn back now... even though the hot weather and sunny skies are really starting to take their toll on us. Especially translucent keti. I burn like hash browns to a frying pan.

Er... anyway...

Eventually we come to a fork in the dirt roads. One appears to go right up to the grounds, and the other continuing along the path we've been traveling thus far. The annoying duo decides upon the road that goes up to the grounds.
We are no longer being "followed". Thankfully.

Shortly after we lose our followers, we arrive at a cemetary. Well, without prior knowledge, one really wouldnt know this was a cemetary unless they saw the 8.5x11 piece of paper propected by a piece of plastic stating that it is the Metfern Cemetary; such and such number of people are buried here, please respect these sacred grounds. ha ha, what a joke. For the sake of the readers not familiar with State Hospital cemetaries, they really ARE a joke. The patients are buried in this strip of a very overgrown field on the side of an abandoned road. The headstones are not actually headstones, they are really just small stones with their patient identification number etched into them, along with a 'P' for the Protestants, and 'C' for Catholics.
I think anyone who visits these cemetaries will feel the same sadness that we experienced as we accidentally stumbled over a "headstone" that appeared to have been dislodged from the ground and thrown into some brush.

Enough of this depressing stuff; Matt says that the Gaebler School is up the hill from the cemetary, so we start a-climbin'. We arrive at the building from the back, and instead of trying to find a way inside, we are much more captivated by the large recreational center behind the school. A large playground sits untouched, surrounded by 12-foot-high fencing. After playing on the decaying merry-go-round and swinging from the rusty monkey bars, we discover the pool. Not really a pool anymore, rather just a diving board and few ladders, encircling a small field of weeds. On the other side of the large fence surrounding the pools, is a decent sized wading fountain; complete with woman's swimsuit. Any takers? After spending a considerable amount of time enjoying this, we decide to check out the much-less-interesting building. We walk around lesieurly, and snap a few photos. Just as we think we might have plateued for the day, good ole' Reliable pulls up to us. After a nice conversation with him ("What is this place? We just happened to stumble upon it while being innocent photographers trying to capture nature's beauty...") he told us to get lost. And so our exciting adventure ends with an excruciatinng walk back through the conservation in the ridiculously hot midday sun.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > MMMMM candy corn > Camera man, Dog Woman, Machinery and Security Guards (Viewed 2268 times)

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