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Charlie @ The Last Day
entry by -CHARLIE- 
8/27/2004 6:23 PM

ok well it isn't technically my last day, i've sorta quit from my job...

i guess you could say i have two jobs, i work full time as an "administrative assistant" and part time as an "accountant/bookkeeper" but i do both jobs for the same company, in the same office. i will now only be coming in to work here every two weeks to do payroll and what not

i quit the admin. assitant job cuz it just sux...there is only so much that one can take and this job just pushed my limits, i mean honestly, to everyone out there. when you have an interview at a company or you just need to get somewhere in general, don't you look at a map? do you just walk outta the house and say hmmmm, i need to go from point A to point B, but i have no friggin idea where point B is??? i know! i'll just drive around aimlessly all around the city and hope the place pops up in front of me.

now that you can't find the place, you call point B up and start asking for directions, but how is one to help you if you don't even know where you are to begin with! am i suppost to be psychic? and just magically know where you are and then provide you with detailed second by second instuctions on how to get to your destination?

not only do people not listen to you when you are trying your damned hardest to help them, but they can't even speak english properly, which means they probably don't even understand what your saying! in that case, thank goodness you can't get to point B cuz i don't want to deal with you in person either!

one time i had to yell at the pizza delivery lady over the phone cuz she couldn't find our building. i didn't mean to but when you can see her car and you are waving your arms around outside the building trying to flag her down...*sigh*

i better stop now, just thinking about it makes me sick

now all i need to do is find a new job and do some accounting on the side

work sux

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UER Forum > Journal Index > -Charlie's Journal- > Charlie @ The Last Day (Viewed 1493 times)

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