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UER Forum > Journal Index > Wretch in Beggar's Clothing > "I cannot blame it all on her/To blame her all would be a lie" (Viewed 2156 times)
"I cannot blame it all on her/To blame her all would be a lie"
entry by EatsTooMuchJam 
8/23/2004 4:42 AM

Last night a group of us went to Alpha. There were some map-related misadventures and then Krenta and I used some candles to light up a neat area with a pool. When we were about halfway done I walked to an area near a wall to set up some more. About three steps into the area my foot suddenly sank in approximately 6 inches. Quicksand! Each step back was similar to the last step. It was weird since the ground had held me up before.
After the first quicksand I stepped in two more quickly. The second was up to about mid-calf and the third was up to my knee. The one up to my knee was a little tougher to step out of, but I managed.
As we moved our cameras for another setup, Krenta moved some bags around and fell into one of the quicksand pits as well, but made it out.
Finally, we broke down our gear and got ready to leave. The total weight of all the gear I had last night came to around 30-35 pounds (Crown Graphic, RB67, several backs, light tripod, heavy tripod, other assorted accessories). As we walked out of the room with the pool I stepped onto an area and turned my head and said "Watch out, this looks like it might be another qui... SHIT!" This last one went up to about mid-thigh level and both of my legs were in it. I stood there for a few seconds grumbling as my legs soaked and then I crawled out on the more solid ground.

For those of you that haven't been in quicksand (which I assume is most of you - it certainly would have included me until last night) let me tell you what it's like. The stuff I fell in wasn't like in the movies. It seemed solid as I walked on it (a little squishy, but overall firm). Suddenly my foot broke through and sunk quickly. The watery sand was very cold. In the movies people seem to sink very gradually. With this stuff, one sank to a certain depth quickly. It's possible that staying in for a longer period would result in sinking further. I'm not sure. I wasn't finding out. The stuff fought me when I tried to pull out my feet very much like mud, only not as strongly. Today my shoes were completely full of sand so there was definitel sand suspended in the water beneath the surface.

Today some friends and I drove out to a small town in central Minnesota to revisit an abandoned school we found a couple of years ago. The trip was uneventful, but pleasant. The school is a mid-size rural abandoned school. It's three stories tall and fairly decayed. My friends were afraid of the floors on the second and third floors, but I walked all around as they were overall fairly solid (I was careful, as always, to use the few holes in the floor to figure out where the joists were and tried to walk on them as much as possble).

The end.

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Re: "I cannot blame it all on her/To blame her all would be a lie"
< Reply # 1 on 8/28/2004 12:11 AM >
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It's nice to see another Nick Cave fan.


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Squirty "Stickybuns" von Cherrypants

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Re: "I cannot blame it all on her/To blame her all would be a lie"
< Reply # 2 on 9/3/2004 12:04 PM >
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I wondered if anyone would pick up on that.

The next set of titles may anger some people who don't know the song.

"The large print giveth and the small print taketh away."
-Tom Waits
UER Forum > Journal Index > Wretch in Beggar's Clothing > "I cannot blame it all on her/To blame her all would be a lie" (Viewed 2156 times)

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