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UER Forum > Journal Index > deals' journal > first journal entry - second building entry (Viewed 558 times)
first journal entry - second building entry
entry by deals 
8/28/2016 11:04 PM

it worked blackhawk! thank you.

piplnr65656 asked me this morning whether the adventure was a lot easier than i thought it would be. i wrote him a reply that turned out to be a lot longer than i expected, and then i wanted to preserve the writing because it will fade over time. so here it is...

well, i knew crawling under the fence would be easy. i could tell it was a big enough gap and a flexible enough fence.

i'm glad to have scoped it all so many times though, and to have google earth-ed it to be able to see what can't be seen from the street.

there were unknowns i couldn't have prepared for. like, it is right across the street from homes and i didn't know if people would see us and if they did, what they would say or do.

and since it is a pretty big graffiti spot, i didn't know if hoodlums would still be there from the night before and what it would be like to run into them.

plus, one of the first things we saw were a bunch of disgusting mattresses thrown about. probably five total. and all i can think is it is where bums sleep or where gangs gang bang girls, or where kids have sex. and all of that mixed with weather and flees just made the mattresses feel skeezy. a lot of the graffiti had gang references.

and before the sun rose, looking in the buildings was a bit scary. it's all so black. you don't know what is lurking and any sound (which often was an acorn falling from a tree) sounded like something very scary and threatening in my imagination. plus, my friend's nervous energy didn't help (but that eventually went away).

it being a city site and having multiple points where we were visible if anyone was looking was on my mind too. a path runs right along one side and while semi-blocked by a row of trees, walkers, joggers, and bikers frequent it. fortunately it was too early for foot traffic but it was kind of cool to see the few people who passed by that had no idea i was there.

i wondered a lot about what went on when it was fully operational. it was a whole complex! with buildings and bunkers and tunnels and an almost hangar like structure. so strange. and it was a bummer everything was so gutted. and kind of sad. they're just exoskeletons of buildings. just standing there empty biding time.

the golden light of sunrise is fucking divine.

there was a black cat who kept following us around everywhere. she was kind of cool.

in the end, i loved it and can't wait for adventure 3.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > deals' journal > first journal entry - second building entry (Viewed 558 times)

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