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RL Hearn
entry by Drie 
8/19/2004 4:07 AM

One of the things I wanted to do this summer, quite badly, was to revist Hearn during daylight. During OPEX, on that first night there, In the dark, I could only imagine what the place would have been like with light streaming through the catwalks, making patterns on the concrete floors. I thought about what it would be like to watch the dust settle on the machinery. I thought about being able to show my family what it looked like there. I knew any words I spoke to them could never do the place justice. I strive, always, to photograph a site so that the photo looks exactly like the reality of when I was standing there. I figure that if something is really beautiful, it doesnt need me to make it better. Showing something as it sits, with the light as it is, and the colors as they are, should be enough to make another person see the beauty it has. I always want to share my experiences with others, and photographing that way is the best way i've found to explain things. That said, I really was curious to see what Hearn was like in the daylight, and eager to try my hand at seeing if I could make it "feel right".

When I was in Toronto last weekend, Av was kind enough to give me a daylight tour. Im going to skip all the parts about who I was with and how we got in, because its not what made the trip special for me. I was so awed by the place that I could have been alone. I would have felt the same. I guess I'm saying this isn't really a "trip log". Its more me rambling about how happy the place made me.

The odd part about the trip was this: Once we were inside, it wasnt the light at all that struck me first. It was the silence. I could only imagine how that place must have sounded when it was open and functioning. It must have had a roar to it. All those turbines, all those people, all that metal. I think it must have been like it's own symphony. With that in mind, I felt like I was walking in a place that was almost sacred now. No noise, so workers, just my feet on the catwalks and the sounds, sometimes far away, of the people with me.
It was a beautiful thing to experience. I thought a lot about how so many people who spent time here would never see this place the way I was seeing it. I felt very lucky.

Wandering around on the catwalks was extremely surreal. Being able to see so far in every direction while inside made me feel very tiny. I tried to show what this felt like by taking some shots down stairs, across open spaces, and through some areas where the pipes were detached. I feel like I got this across pretty well in a few shots.

I also wanted to show how powerful the light was in there. We came across a place where it was completely dark inside, and light fell through a door that opened onto the roof. I spent a while trying to get that to feel just right.

I wanted a pic of me inside. I take a self portrait in every building i go to, mostly so I can have them when Im old. I took a shot of myself on a ladder from one catwalk to another. The light was especially cool here because it was coming from the floor below. It really felt like I was a part of the place posing for that photo.

I took a bunch more photos inside, all trying for different things. Overall, im happy with the results and feel like I got the place down. i took a shot of some gloves PSX found in the control room. They were one of the only signs left that humans had been there. If you were coming from another planet, you could imagine the place ran itself.

A personal favorite photo came from a large boiler looking thing. The colors on it were just so amazing. It was very beautiful, and very large.

Overall, the place is amazing. Thanks again to av for the tour. I can't wait to go back. Im obviously very much in love with this building. I'd love to wander around inside for days. Its a good thing im 9 hours away, or no one would ever see me again.

view from the catwalks

from the roof

the control room

the boiler
24091.jpg (37 kb, 400x282)
click to view

24092.jpg (55 kb, 360x540)
click to view


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Re: RL Hearn
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great journal entry, you write well and captured those sometimes hard to describe feelings that a building can hit you with... oh and nice pictures too

hoping to someday see this place for myself,


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