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UER Forum > Journal Index > -Charlie's Journal- > Charlie @ Gunpoint (Viewed 1885 times)
Charlie @ Gunpoint
entry by -CHARLIE- 
7/22/2004 8:51 PM

Well, i'm back from my camping trip and back to work as usual...

It was a pretty awesome weekend, a lot of drinking, smoking, eating, sleeping, tanning, bon firing, bug swatting, sweating, 4x4ing, hiking, scouting, and yes, gun pointing.

Wolfman, Viper, and myself went for a drive with a few other friends. We ended up at a beautiful waterfall and hung out there for awhile, then decided it was time to check out the mine. While on the way up, a car went by and warned our friends not to continue up the road and that if we didn't turn around they would call the cops. Well after ignoring that, we continued on. We were stopped by the makeshift gate, including a lovely drawing of a skull and bones. Our friends decided to stay behind to watch the trucks and drink so Wolfman, Viper and myself continued along the road on foot. After much up hilling and down hilling we really didn't see much, couple shacks here and there and "danger blasting" signs, and a squashed frog on the road.

Once returning to the truck, our friends had left a note saying that they had left and they were either at the waterfall or back at camp. So we headed back to camp. All of a sudden we were nearly run off the road by a truck. Wolfman, the driver, put his hands up and there was a swat like cop pointing a rifle/gun at us. I myself was sitting in the passenger seat and put my hands up as well. Wolfman was told to get out of the truck and so did Viper. As they were getting hand cuffed i remained in my seat, hands up with a rifle pointed at me about 4 feet away (did i mention i was only wearing sweats and a bra!). Finally one of the cops attended to me and told me to get out through the driver's side, rifle still pointed at me. I just stood there, while they questioned Wolfman and searched him, i turned around to see poor Viper on his knees! in cuffs! Still standing there, two of the three cops started to search our bags and truck. They also took all of our ID's and did a check up on those and the license plate of the truck.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they were through with their questioning and let us go. While they did thank us for our time, I think they went just a little over board. They also gave us a brief, and i did say brief explanation. On how some people had been shot at in the area that morning and they were looking for 2 young males in a white jeep, but thats about it...

My guess is that they saw a couple in a truck with a "young male" holding onto the roll bar at the back, we had probably just picked him up off the dirt road and he was one of the suspects. Or they could have just been complete A-holes and decided to make a big deal out of everything cuz they had nothing else better to do. Who knows.

Please refer to Viper's Journal for more details - When Scouting Goes Bad

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Re: Charlie @ Gunpoint
< Reply # 1 on 7/28/2004 11:50 PM >
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Odd that nobody has replied. This seems like a very exciting story, and definatley something to remember even though you never found a whole lot. Glad to hear you made it out alright though!

Keep On Postin, I keep Reading!

"Being frightened is an experience you can't buy."

UER Forum > Journal Index > -Charlie's Journal- > Charlie @ Gunpoint (Viewed 1885 times)

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