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Future Exploration's
entry by Raider 
6/24/2004 8:17 PM

Future UE'ing
I have a cottage on Georgian Bay near Midland, just off of Hwy. 12. Anyways ever since I was 7 I've wanted to visit the Port McNicol Grain Elevator ( which is straight across Hoggs Bay. For the last month I've planned a trip to the place every weekend when I've been up at my cottage. Saturday is my day I generally go boating and drive around on the sea doo and other things. Every Sunday I have planned to drive or boat over to the elevator and head inside to get rid of my curiousity. Unfortunately ever Sunday it has been raining for the last month. When I mean rain I mean like downpours of rain. I never thought it could rain so much type of rain.

Anyways I'm saying it again! This weekend I'm heading in and taking some nicer pictures.

Another place that is near my cottage is the Midland Grain Elevator and some sort of building beside it ( . Not sure if its connected with the elevator or not. This elevator is about half the size as the one on Hoggs bay. If you go to the LDB and check out the pictures you will see that it has a huge miral painted on it that took a total of 3 years to complete. The town of Midland probably spent a lot of money on it therefor preserving the building. I don't think they are going to tear it down after they just painted that.

The Port McNicol Grain Elevators' future is not so bright. There have been rumours of demolishing it ever since I was 10, so 7 years ago. I remember one time on the news near my cottage I walked in and I saw a video clip of a grain elevator identical to the one on my bay being blown up. I started to cry and throw a fit, so my parents decided they were going to call my grandparents who were at my cottage to prove that it was not the one near us. After all that I still didn't believe them and I was sad all week until we went up to the cottage and saw it. Now that I'm older and more mature than I was when I was 10.. or at least I think I am I know that they don't have the money to do anything with the building so I think its rather secure. Around 4 years ago there used to be 3 towers on traintracks that ran beside the elevator, they demolished these and surrounded the entire building with rubble so kids cannot get in. Now there are area's where it has been removed allowing access inside.

Anyways thats my story.. I'll post some pictures/information on the inside when it decides to stop raining on Sunday

Cya later!

Heres the Port McNicol Grain Elevator (Taken by Me)
20543.jpg (67 kb, 520x390)
click to view

Heres the Midland Grail Elevator (Taken by Me)
20544.jpg (68 kb, 520x390)
click to view

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Raider's Journal > Future Exploration's (Viewed 1911 times)

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