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UER Forum > Journal Index > Raider's Journal > Documented Exploration's (Viewed 1719 times)
Documented Exploration's
entry by Raider 
6/24/2004 8:16 PM

Well these are the only documents I've really recorded while going UE'ing.. So I guess I'll post them here..

March --th 2004

I just got back from the psych two hours ago.. Parked in the new psych parking lot and walked over to the old psych, no sign of security..

March --th 2004

-Went to the psych around 6:00 pm

-Met security officer on the new psych ground and I was standing on the road and he stopped and said "See the sidewalk, USE IT!" (Complete ass but he really didn't seem to care that we were wondering around on the old psych property.)

-Went into two buildings that were wide open, not sure which buildings though.

-Met a mental patient on the old psych grounds... He was so weird yet full of information.. He was sorta muttering to himself about us saying what buildings to go into what happened in them and I heard him say something about crackers, bonkers, and then said 1972 the year when the most suicides occured.. Freaky stuff lol, I should have snapped a picture of him!

So the security isn't to bad...

May --st 2004

- Walked around on Psych grounds for documentary
- Security drove by us and stared at us (I waved)
- Lots of buildings open that were not before... (Rec. Hall, 19, 20)
- Surprisingly nobody else was there.. (First time I've been without running into other explorers..)

When the documentary is done I'll upload it somehow and put it on here..

Tuesday May -th 2004
- Went to Psych
- In car travelling down Gordon st. friend was hanging out the window doing a video shoot of the property.
- Noticed a security van following us.
- Fucked around with him for awhile (Weaved in and out of parking lot)
- Stopped and got out to talk
- Called over another security gaurd (Sort of an ass)
- Made us delete all of our footage
- Asked who my school teacher was and I said, "I don't know if I want to tell you that"
- Then told me to give him ID
- Took down my name and license plate
- Then called one of his security buddys and said that he wasn't going to call the police
- We left

What is the worst thing that could happen? We were on a public road in our car?!?!? Errr but anyways no ticket so I'm happy...


I'll keep adding as I keep exploring!

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Raider's Journal > Documented Exploration's (Viewed 1719 times)

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