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UER Forum > Journal Index > Jakk's Journal Japery > Finding spots (Viewed 690 times)
Finding spots
entry by Jakk_Handsome 
8/27/2012 10:37 PM

I've come across 3 more spots to check out. The restauarant looks tastiest, it's in a high risk location and hardest to get to I think.

The apartment complex is second riskiest, but for different reasons, it's in cracktown reputedly is ass-deep in gangsters.

The No-Tell Ho-Tell, a random spot from randomville today, I noticed the chain link fence around a parking garage (sure sign) and locks on parking lot entry gates. The hotel seems to be boarded up tight, but might make for a great weekend 'splore.

It's like I'm gifted this week or something but I keep running across more and more spots to hit. I think I saw someone on an initial approach as well.

I've been thinking about doing my final approach on a bicycle, that way I can secure my transport easily (bike chain) and not leave incriminating traffic cam footage. This bears into seeing someone on initial approach, just hang tight.

So I turn into what looks like a quasi abandoned strip mall, only to figure out it is in fact quite left to rot. The doors are locked but I can see initial signs of vandalism (spiderwebbed glass) just nothings' fully broken into yet. In the back of the lot is this closed and vacant Toys R Us. OoooOOOooo Mecca!

I circle it in my Pirate Ship (it's actually a car, but that's so boring to say). On my way around the far side a guy has pulled into the lot behind me on a bicycle. He's got a backpack on (another sure sign of an explorer vs tagger) and appears to be in his late 30s or early 40s. I slow down to try and get a word with him, he looks the other way, passes me and makes the block. He might or might not be an explorer, but either way it looked real suspicious to me.

Now that I've noticed the Toys R' Us, I'll keep circling it to see if I can get in. The mattress out in the parking lot and unlocked back gates leading to the loading dock indicate a giant 'Yes' but we'll see.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Jakk's Journal Japery > Finding spots (Viewed 690 times)

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