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3rd Annual Bay Area Bunker Run & BBQ ( - 7 attendees)
This was the 3rd annual event of its kind. More to follow in the future.
It was a systematic visiting of the abandoned WWII San Francisco coastal defense system. Multiple locations were visited. Explorers from across the Bay Area were there, as well as a UER member from Minnesota. All capped off with a hot dog BBQ at Rodeo Beach.

Cheongpyeong Summer Beach Bonanza 2016 ( - 3 attendees)
Just before winter set in, we set our sights on Gapyeong County for a day and a half of fun and folly. The locations included a silk factory, temples, a factory, hotel resort under construction, train station, a bridge and a spa.

OPEX '94 (6/1/2004 - 58 attendees)
The Office Products Exposition 1994 was held in Toronto. It was a worldwide gathering of explorers, from Alaska to Australia to Denmark.

NEOPEX 2004 (7/30/2004 - 20 attendees)
North East Office Products Expo '94, held in Rhineback, NY, July 30 to Aug 2, 2004.

Wuffymeet '04 (8/14/2004 - 3 attendees)
The Wuffymeet was held in 2004 and marked WuffyFluff's visit to Toronto.

EUROPEX 2005 (6/1/2005 - 20 attendees)
European OPEX 2005, in Scotland.

BUMFEST 2005 (7/21/2005 - 12 attendees)
The BUMFEST get-together was to explore the Rochester Subway in Rochester NY, at the end of July 2005.

OPEX '95 (7/28/2005 - 40 attendees)
The Office Products Exposition 1995 was held in Montreal. It was a worldwide gathering of explorers, from Australia to Vancouver.

Belgium Trip 2005 (8/10/2005 - 7 attendees)
A tour around Belgium's big cities: Liège, Charleroi, Gent and Antwerpen held on August 10-14 2005.

APEX 2005 (8/26/2005 - 17 attendees)
A near complete exploration of Atlanta, GA. Attendees arrived from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina to explore around 14 locations across three days.

NEOPEX 2005 (8/28/2005 - 24 attendees)
NEOPEX was held in Rhinebeck New York, and there was a lot of cheese eating at this event.

Belleville UE Meet (9/25/2005 - 6 attendees)
The first meet of it's kind, the Belleville UE Meet brought together explorers from Belleville, Ontario, Canada and surrounding areas to meet, socialize, and explore Prince Edward Heights in Picton, Ontario, Canada.

MD Meetup (1/26/2006 - 12 attendees)
People from all over the DC/MD/VA area got together for dinner, and a late night exploration of the Henryton Center. Read more here

NOHOPEX (2/5/2006 - 11 attendees)
A gathering of explorers from Canada and the US at the Northampton State Hospital in Massachusetts.

TN Waltz n' Splore '06 (2/25/2006 - 7 attendees)
TN Waltz n' Splore '06 was held on 2/25/06 in Nashville, TN. It was attended by 8 members from 4 states.

SoCal Nabisco Meet (3/4/2006 - 5 attendees)
This meet was open to all members in the Southern California area. Everybody met at In n Out in Buena Park, ate some grub, then checked out the shut down Nabisco cookie factory.

Steelcity Extravaganza (4/29/2006 - 19 attendees)
It's a Movie-night in Steeltown! Watch movies in an abandonment in Hamilton after a day of urban exploration and camping!

S(ue) Takes Nihon (5/15/2006 - 4 attendees)
5 SouthEastern US explorers make the big trip to Japan for a total of 2 weeks of UE inspired adventure, from May 15 to May 30, 2006.

Almaden AFS Meet and Greet (5/21/2006 - 10 attendees)
An event for anyone, but geared more towards the people that live in the San Francisco-Bay Area and have visited or are interested in visting Almaden Air Force Station.

Colorado Memorial Day Expo 2007 (5/26/2006 - 7 attendees)
Over Memorial Day weekend 2007, 12 explorers from 5 states descended on Colorado for 72 hours of exploration, including Gilman and a Titan missile silo.

Shiroi Meet '06 (6/10/2006 - 29 attendees)
A huge group of people from as far as Buffalo and Sudbury got together to laugh at the antics of Shiroi, and to get caught at Dofasco.

WV Spook 'n 'Splore (7/22/2006 - 26 attendees)
39 attendees from 11 states gathered to plumb the secrets of the WV State Penitentiary at Moundsville.

NOPEX '06 (8/1/2006 - 12 attendees)
NOPEX '06 was the Northern Ontario Office Products Expo, occurring in Sudbury, Ontario and surrounding regions. About 9 people attended and great fun was had by all.

OPEX '86 (8/4/2006 - 11 attendees)
The Office Products Exposition 1986 was held in Vancouver.

NEOPEX 1996 (8/10/2006 - 23 attendees)
Gathering at our own exclusive campsite just outside of Philadelphia, PA, for a 3-day gathering, groups and individuals from the local area, new england, and even minnesota, australia and wisconsin came together to celebrate exploring, practice their pasttime on great area spots and share stories by the fire.

Sueplex 2006 (9/29/2006 - 24 attendees)
A near-complete exploration of the State of South Carolina and the surrounding areas. 31 people were in attendance for this 3 day event, with attendees from South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Hamilton Secret Locations Meet (10/21/2006 - 20 attendees)
Over twenty people showed up for the Secret Locations Meet, from southern ontario and as far away as Tennessee. Locations such as a boiler house and Hamilton's famous Lister Block were explored. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and had the chance to see the great industrial views the Steel City has to offer.

Muskoka Sanitarium Meet (11/25/2006 - 23 attendees)
Muskoka Centre (aka Muskoka Sanitarium), DOZEN large buildings on several acres of property. This is the 3rd annual but the largest crowd yet.

OHPEX06 (12/26/2006 - 9 attendees)
Ohio Explore-a-thon 2006 was a three day event that swept across Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. In attendance were UER members from all over the buckeye state and at least one from considerably further.

Last Minute Meet (1/6/2007 - 19 attendees)
From a sleep-in at the Malt plant to a grand escape from Stelco Rod Mill, more than twenty people joined in a day-long exploring party. The local group was also joined by Glass, all the way from Minnesota!

Waltz n Splore Volume 2 (2/22/2007 - 13 attendees)
Waltz n Splore Volume 2 found attendees from Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, and New Jersey gathering for a weekend of exploring new and old locations and celebrating new and old friendships.

Death Valley Days 2007 (3/2/2007 - 7 attendees)
Death Valley Days was organized by Jonsered to explore various mining settlements and other geographical wonders of Death Valley National Park in the desert of California. The event lasted 3 days, from Friday March 2nd to Sunday March 4th. The attendees drove hundreds of miles and camped together at Furnace Creek campground in tents. A real good time had by all.

Hobofest 2007 (6/9/2007 - 10 attendees)
Hobofest 2007 was a meet-up and exploration of the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania region. There were 16 people from the area and elsewhere. Festivities lasted into the night with camping, drinks, and "moon pies".

OPEX '77 (7/25/2007 - 27 attendees)
The fourth annual Opex international explorers meet. Explorers from many American states as well as Canada and Australia met in Buffalo, NY to see the sights and make new friends.

NOPEX '07 (8/4/2007 - 12 attendees)
NOPEX 07' was the second Northern Ontario office Products Expo, this time extending from Sudbury to as far north as Kapuskasing. The 13 explorers were given a taste of old industry -- the abandoned and semi active mines and mills -- and enjoyed 9 days of hiking and camping in the great outdoors.

S(ue)PleKC (9/27/2007 - 17 attendees)
KCUrbex and S(ue)collided for a weekend of exploration in and around Kansas City MO, Some of the locations included State hospitals, Grain Silos, Active Infiltrations, Bridges, Cathedrals, Schools, and many other sites. Attendee's traveled from Georgia, Kansas, and Missouri

Uber Rochester Meet of l337 (11/4/2007 - 9 attendees)
A group of explorers from Ontario and the northeaster US gathered in Rochester, NY for a weekend full of fun and amazing locations.

Blues 'n Splore '08 (2/15/2008 - 14 attendees)
Blues 'n Splore 08 was the third annual Mid-Atlantic Region meet and the first time held in Memphis, Tennessee. The meet was held over the course of three days.

2nd Annual UE Mansion Party (2/23/2008 - 37 attendees)
A yearly winter weekend long gathering at a gigantic house outside of Boston. Attended by explorers from all over New England as well as NJ, MD, PA, SC, and IL. Explorers went on daylight outings to explore local sites then later partied the night away at the Mansion!

Voyage to Okpo Land (4/5/2008 - 3 attendees)
After my first visit to Okpo Land, my good friend Jesse expressed interest in seeing the abandoned amusement park. The US army is shipping him out of Korea at the end of the month, so it was now or never. He invited his friends in the Korean punk scene, and 13 of us caught the KTX bullet train down from Seoul, representing Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, South Korea, and Germany. We met up with the Busan urban explorers and spent one day in Okpo City and one day in Busan, where we scouted five more new sites. This was the largest UE gathering in Korean history, and we raised awareness of urban exploration with a lot of people.

Rochester Meet of Epic Win (6/6/2008 - 21 attendees)
Once again, almost 30 people from the US and Canada convened in Rochester for a weekend of exploring western NY. We explored factories, hospitals, tunnels, and topped it all off with a formal dress pizza party on the roof of Mcfadden's.

OPEX '68 (7/18/2008 - 24 attendees)
OPEX '68 occured between Jul 18 and Jul 20, 2008 near Boston, Massachusetts. Over 40 explorers joined together to explore and party, spending nights camping. A great time was had by all!

2008 UK Drain Meet (8/8/2008 - 13 attendees)
International meet held in central London, with representitives from the UK, Australia and Canada, down the predigeous River Tyburn Storm sewer, just a few blocks away from being right beneath Buckingham Palace, the culmination of three days of exploring the very best under London.

Los Angeles Secret Shopper Seminar (8/29/2008 - 13 attendees)
Estimated 20 people from all over SoCal, Las Vegas, and England! Locations included Los Angeles Export Terminal, MCAS El Toro, MCAS Tustin, Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Nike LA-88 Oat Mountain, Sears warehouse, Linda Vista Hospital, cruising around downtown LA, Lincoln Heights Jail, and some LA River bridge action!

Chestfest08 (11/7/2008 - 19 attendees)
Over 20 explorers from Georgia to New Hampshire met up and camped out for an awesome weekend of hardcore partying, exploring, chests, and general debauchery in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Church bells, fireworks, and pickles helped ensure a great time was had by all!

Cinco Draino Novembro (11/23/2008 - 7 attendees)
Cinco Draino Novembro was held this year in Providence and was the first UER draining event to be held there. We had a large turn out, which led to a weekend of exploring drains all over. We also got to enjoy a night club and mills later in the weekend as a continuation of the event. The whole group was tough, out in the 31 degree weather toughing it out in the cold drains. With the variety of attendees ranging from New Jersey to Colorado there were many new friends made and some epic exploration occurred.

South Swiftmas Gathering (12/14/2008 - 7 attendees)
A group of South explorers got together Saturday night to have a pleasant harassment free exploration trip in honor of the upcoming holiday season! Refreshments were served, decorations were up and gifts were given. It was certainly a great start to the holidays and Swift Meat Processing Plant's vastness made sure we had no unwanted interruptions! All in all a good time with some good people.

M.A.M.U. 2009 (1/2/2009 - 24 attendees)
M.A.M.U. 2009 was held in Richmond, Virginia. 26 people were in attendance for this 3 day event, with attendees from Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Indiana and California.

3rd Annual UE Mansion Party (3/7/2009 - 66 attendees)
This year's party was by far the biggest ever! We had attendees from Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Quebec, Maryland, PA, NY, NJ and all over New England! Everyone partied the nights away on Friday and Saturday at the mansion and spend the gorgeous snow free weekend out exploring with new and old friends. We even had a sneak peak pre-screening of the upcoming UE documentary "The State Boys".

Jacob and the Vervonauts (3/21/2009 - 2 attendees)
His time in the US army up, Jacob became a regular civilian. He assembled a crew of Vervonauts and they crossed the land, braving such perils as negative weather reports, loud snoring, and soju-induced dementia, in search of abandoned treasures. The destination: 100 Rocky Peaks Land, an abandoned amusement park in the backwaters of Gyungbuk Province. On the voyage, they discovered an abandoned school and some kind of Buddhist temple stacked with far-right-wing literature. At their destination, they met and befriended Korean Evangelical Christians planning to demolish the park.

MidWestFest (4/17/2009 - 18 attendees)
Explorers from all four corners of the US settled into St. Louis, exploring for three days in almost twenty locations.

Chest Fest 2.0 (5/1/2009 - 24 attendees)
Approximately 30 explorers from Georgia to New Hampshire met up in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Camping, hardcore partying, exploring, chests, fireworks, dirt bike riding, fire breathing, rafting, chainsaws, dead fish and exploding cans of beans combined for a fantastic weekend!

Northern CA Camping Event (6/5/2009 - 9 attendees)
Explorers from the Central Valley, the Los Angeles Basin, and locally from around the San Francisco Bay, came together to camp in Saratoga and enjoy awesome food and fellowship. This event offered 4 locations, including one new location, and gave an example of what the SF South Bay can offer. It was also a small taste of what to expect for the upcoming NOCOPEX '09.

Silo Social (6/27/2009 - 10 attendees)
Silo Social was a two day event that took place on June 27th and 28th in and around Tucson Arizona. Explorers got to see first hand some rare cold war relics including a defunct Titan II missile silo and aircraft boneyard. Despite 100+ degree heat, crawling into holes in the middle of desert, and not so friendly chats with government officials, fun was had by all who attended.

NOCOPEX '09 (7/17/2009 - 10 attendees)
This was a 3-day event where members from across California, the US, and Europe came together to explore the best of the best from three different areas of the San Francisco Bay: the South Bay, the East Bay, and military sites from around the San Francisco/San Marin areas. Over 15 people showed up to this event, and explored 3-5 sites each day or roughly 16 locations for the entire weekend!!

The "Holy Grail"s of K/W Cambridge (7/19/2009 - 13 attendees)
a group of explorer's from over ontario and even one from buffalo, gathered to see some of the greatest UE locations that the waterloo region has to offer, including the one location that was much anticipated, Preston Springs Hotel.

Bennington Lockout Meet (7/31/2009 - 17 attendees)
The Bennington Lockout Meet took place in and around Rochester, NY, from July 31st to August 2nd. Several Canadians made the journey to Rochester in order to meet and explore with the Rochester explorers. The large group ventured into the subway late at night, and explored creeks, caves, drains, hospitals, and factories. After long days of intense exploring, the group kicked back and played board games and drank beers to celebrate successful trips.

MAMU II (8/7/2009 - 28 attendees)
MAMU II was held in Charlotte, NC and Johnson City, TN. 32 people were in attendance for this 3 day event, with attendees from Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California.

Nanopex (9/11/2009 - 9 attendees)
10 of us met up in Detroit for a weekend of exploring and in the process, completely destroyed Paisley's innocent mind.

Chest Fest 3.0 (10/9/2009 - 46 attendees)
On the shore of the Susquehanna river sits acre upon acre of rolling rural land. It is here that more than 50 of the craziest serial trespassers, explorers, photographers, artists, and revelers converged for a 4-day festival. Attendees caught up with old friends and met new ones, partied by the river, shot off fireworks, drank keg beer, blew shit up with napalm and firearms, and somehow still survived to tell the tale.

Year-End South Bay Meet 'n Greet '09 (11/14/2009 - 14 attendees)
Originally a random meet 'n greet, turned into a huge 17+ food and explore event. People from the bay area, as well as from Minnesota and the OC (So Cal), came to eat awesome food and explore afterwards. Some places we went: 3-story convelescent home & hospital, government warehouse, TV studio, other abandoned warehouses.

Pittsburgh Yinzers Meet (11/20/2009 - 8 attendees)
13 explorers met up in Pittsburgh, PA for a weekend of exploring, including a full day spent at an incredible, soon to be demolished steel blast furnace. Nov 20-22, 2009

MAMU III (12/12/2009 - 12 attendees)
11 explorers met up in Louisville, KY for a weekend of exploring, including a 700 ft crane and the abandoned subway networks of Cincinnati, and of course lots of massive post-apocalyptic industrial ruins in Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

DCMU (1/16/2010 - 32 attendees)
Explorers from all over the Eastern United States along with Canada attended this 3 day event in Frederick, MD. Some explored while some just saw the many museums that DC has to offer. A great time was had by everybody there. Got to meet great new explorers and see old ones again. And nobody was arrested while exploring this time!

Mojave Expedition (January Dynamite Edition) (1/23/2010 - 11 attendees)
16 people came from across the land to explore the Mojave National Preserve. Though we encountered may unexpected problems, we marched on and made it a trip to remember. Saturday we visited Kelso, Vulcan Mine and Bonanza King Mine. Sunday we conquered Death Valley Mine, Cima, Evening Star Mine, a new, as of yet, unknown mine and finally the incredible Goldome. A massive 30 ft. tall bon fire wrapped up the adventure.

Tecopa CA Mine Exploration and Campout (3/5/2010 - 6 attendees)
We congregated in Tecopa CA to explore the old gold and silver mines from the pre WWII days. We explored the War Eagle, Noonday, and Columbia #2 gold and silver mines, and the Western Talc mine. We went deep enough into the mines to find Underground Explorer cards left by the Underground Explorer group. We also found a vehicle that had been pushed into the shaft of the Western Talc Mine.

MODPEX 10' (4/3/2010 - 13 attendees)
First global meeting of the UER Moderators.

Agenda will include;

*Getting lost around Toronto
*Inspect Turbo's Cock
*Air Porter lateness seminar
*Getting to know TribeachPunk - who is he?
*Presentation on presentation by The Green Bastard
*A demonstration of US Border Security
*Cable Laying and Toilet Maintenance class with El Nerdo
*Who to ban next!?
*Some 'splorin'

Birmingslam! (5/16/2010 - 7 attendees)
Upwards of 10 UER Members from two countries and two US States met up for a solid exploration of Birmingham's finest urban relics over four days. Locations included Leer Tower, TCI, Lyric Theater, Sloss Furnace, The Pumpkin, Republic Steel's Coke Plant, and other abandonments. Things were climbed, water was drank, cops were called and good times were had.

South Bay Meet and Greet (5/22/2010 - 7 attendees)
We went out to dinner and then went to alma college. We were all over that place for about an hour or so then we went to the jackling house. Then the next day the people that still had energy went to the slaughterhouse and the gang house and niles canyon railway. All in all it was good fun and we had people there from over 400+ miles away.

DCMU2 (5/28/2010 - 25 attendees)
This was the sequel to the DC Meet Up that was held earlier in the year where so much fun occurred that it just had to be done again. There were many return attendees and a few new ones with a total of about 30 people at one point. Attendees arrived from
- Canada ( Winnipeg, MB )
- New Jersey
- New York
- Pennsylvania
- Tennessee
- Massachusetts
- Virginia
- Maryland
- Georgia
- Mississippi
- North Carolina
It should be noted that Corley and Cossette were the most awesome host and F/Rox is a great meet up location.

There was incredible diner made on Friday night by Discount Ninja and Yield and the fridge was never empty of cold adult beverages. Saturday was spent exploring various locations in the area after the group split up to go to different places. Saturday night involved a group of about 15 of us having dinner at Golden Corral and then off to watch UFC fights and hockey playoffs at a sports bar. Then it was back to F/Rox Party Central where the evening continued to be "nothing but a good time". A few people left on Sunday but the activities continued on over the Memorial Day holiday.

Infilnapolis (6/25/2010 - 14 attendees)
Infilnapolis occurred over three days from June 25th to the 27th. Attendees from Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New York, and even one Russian explored rooftops, the coke plant, a modern hospital, an abandoned skyscraper, and a big drain. They crashed hotel pools, climbed a crane, ate pizza, climbed a tree, dodged lightning, and floated across a lake on garbage.

Northern Awesome Meet and Campout (NAMC) (7/23/2010 - 7 attendees)
Between July 23 and 25th a gathering of UER members from throughout Ontario attended Trout Creek for a weekend of drinking, late night exploring, socializing and wilderness wrecklessness.

ROCin Pyrotechnics (7/30/2010 - 33 attendees)
Originally intended to be the Bennington Lockout Redux, the Pyrotechnics meet turned out to be a huge, fireworks-laden extravaganza over three days and in dozens of locations. We gathered a large group in a cave behind Lower Falls and set off an obscene amount of fireworks and then wrapped with a fun cookout.

DERPEX 2010 (8/14/2010 - 10 attendees)
A bunch of ne'er do-wells from NY, MD, SC, NH, WV, TN, Australia and some other less interesting places got together in the steamy bowels of hell better known as Nashville for a weekend of exploring a prison, some rather seedy Southern food establishments, drinking far too much Maker's Mark, and UER'ing the hell out of a hotel. Some members also visited abandoned nuclear goodness. Other epic explores included Dinosaur World, Gun Mountain and SaraBellum's porch. Also, everyone wore vending machine moustaches.

S.F. Bay Area Meet And Greet (9/4/2010 - 12 attendees)
Explorers met at In n Out and from there went out to hill 88. Took a nice long hike up the hill and saw a couple bunkers on the way. We were at the top for a few hours and then walked down. Next we went to a untouched bunker off the trail. After dinner we went to S.O.T.A. in SF.

Atlanta re-Apex (rape-pex) (9/24/2010 - 7 attendees)
explorers from all over the southeast raped the shit out of some atlanta UE hot spots over the weekend of september 24th

Clocktoberfest 2010 (10/1/2010 - 7 attendees)
This is a yearly explorer meet-and-greet event I host each October at a vacant farm in Galena, Illinois. This was the first year the event was extended to include the entire weekend beginning Friday night unlike previous years when the party was only on Saturdays. Organized groups went to explore caves and abandoned mine workings in the region both on Friday night and also during the day on Saturday. All guests camped in the large field at the vacant farm. Bonfires were made each night and lots of people got to know each other better. Late on Saturday night we took the largest group ever to explore the abandoned zinc mine known as Pits Cave (a Clocktoberfest tradition) and it was an overwhelming success. We had lots of explorers travel all the way to Galena, Illinois from the Twin Cities, Minnesota (the majority of attendees), a bunch from the Des Moines area in Iowa, and a bunch of people from across the state of Wisconsin (Lacrosse, Madison, Appleton, Platteville). This was the biggest and most successful Clocktoberfest ever with 30 attendees!

Wipex 0 (10/2/2010 - 7 attendees)
The first annual Wisconsin meet with 10 members attending was 24 hours of abandonments, rooftops, hotel squatting and steam tunnel failure. We befriended cops, herded lonely chairs and ruined a possums day.

Choo-Choo City 1st Annual URBEX (10/22/2010 - 10 attendees)
The first annual Choo Choo City URBEX was amazing! We hit four locations all very different from the each other. We explored an abandoned trainyard, an abandoned feed silo and surrounding grounds, an abandoned floating nightclub/restaurant, and an abandoned hotel and restaurant. We had people from LA, AL, GA, TN, NC. Everyone had a great time, and we are going to be planning another event soon to hit some of the places we didn't go to this time.

Radical Radiation Retreat (11/6/2010 - 6 attendees)
A solid day of exploration, cop harassment, campfires, and cooking out. Traversed a river Indiana jones style, visited the entire GNAL area and Greenleaf abandoned subdivision. Great times, even though the authorities tried to sabotage the event.

KC Urbex Winter Cave Campout (12/3/2010 - 15 attendees)
A 3-day campout in a 7 acre abandoned limestone mine, known to us simply as The Cave. Everyone is great about doing their fair share of work to keep it going, bringing in firewood and supplies. On Saturday we took a trip to some of KC's exclusive locations for a full day of exploring and then back to the cave to party, swim to the submerged car, set up some great photography, and party some more. This is our biggest annual event.

Shreveport Exploration Marathon (1/1/2011 - 4 attendees)
The Shreveport Exploration Marathon was an amazing event. There was so much to for the Shreveport Exploration that we couldn't even decide which locations to do first. With only 3 days to explore we couldn't possibly hit up every location that is in Shreveport. We hit up an old electric company building; a hotel an abandoned train and a furniture store. There will definitely be another one in the works to hit up all locations we couldn't get to.

S.F. Bay Area Meet And Greet (4/11/2011 - 11 attendees)
This was a huge meet and greet. So big that dennys would not seat us. We all met and from there went to the niles canyon rail yard. Spent some time there enjoying all the old trains. Lots of great people and lots of great photos. All in all for 27 of us showing up and only one getting lost on the way there is pretty good... hope to see more next time.

Chattsplore 0.1 (4/15/2011 - 9 attendees)
The southeast puts chestfest to shame in a two day, alcohol and clove fueled adventure-rop-and-rope-o-rama, Locations ranged from super-tall grain silos, to floating restaurants, to catwalks, to awnings at a grocery store. Southern Urban Loitering, or S(ul) made a surprise appearance too.

Camp Bison Camp-out 2011 (5/14/2011 - 17 attendees)
The Camp Bison Camp-out, Burwash Ontario.
a weekend of hiking, backpacking, and exploring along with some extreme camping deep in the woods- at the abandoned prison in Burwash Ontario. 18 explores came from Toronto, Southern Ontario, Sudbury and Montreal to attend this epic camp out. Some of the weekend's events included: meeting new people and seeing old friends, a scavenger hunt and lonely explorer challenge(w/ prizes), raging bonfire and marshmallows, night time UEing, a giant slumber party, and beautiful sunset/sunrise. Even tho the weather was a little on the cool side, we all had a great time.

Wipex 1 (5/28/2011 - 6 attendees)
The second annual Wisconsin meet was a great day of exploring abandonments, rooftops, and tunnels. Alarms were tripped, verbal warnings were given and pants were pooped. Good work everyone!

Western Maryland Meet and Greet (6/18/2011 - 6 attendees)
A gathering in the mountainous western Maryland region to explore the last intact silk mill in the United States. The Klotz Throwing Company was closed over 50 years ago, and yet it remains amazingly intact due to the diligence of several individuals. The group, in part, also explored the long-abandoned Brownsville General Hospital and the closed Waldo Hotel.

MSCOW- Muskoka Sanitarium & Campout Weekend (7/7/2011 - 12 attendees)
The "Muskoka San & Campout Weekend" was a weekend of camping at "Arrowhead Provincial Park" in beautiful Huntsville Ontario and UE at the Muskoka Sanitarium. This second epic event hosted by Match Girl and Logtec was another major success! Some of the weekends activities included: good friends, lots of laughs, a large amount of beer liquor and wine consumed, a on site "BB gun" shooting range, swimming & soaking in a waterfall, raging campfire, a vintage talking "Pee Wee Herman doll", bear chased by yeti, a lot of noise, a little sunburn and some canoeing. We had beautiful weather, with very few bugs. Once again everyone had a great weekend.

Infilnapolis 2 (7/29/2011 - 21 attendees)
Infilnapolis 2 happened on July 29-31 in Indianapolis with about 30 attendees. UER members and their friends came from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Canada, England, and France. Participants UE'd abandoned places like stadiums, factories, mental asylums, modern hospitals, and office towers. Roofs of hotels were explored, a hotel pool was crashed, people squatted in abandonments, surfed elevators, and got three noise complaints at a hotel.

SPANDex (8/5/2011 - 30 attendees)
Setting the bar at new high (and low), SPANDex broke all of the boundaries for what a UE convention should and shouldn't be. With attendees ranging from local n00bs to world-traveling international explorers (and everywhere in between), SPANDex wanted to show what it means to be an explorer here and today in MSP, and why this is the place to be. More than just another reason for locals to get together, this was a moment to show off who we are, and why we act the way we do, both on and offline. And in the process we made plenty of new friends who likely will never be able to separate the MSP community from their own views of what urban exploring can be. They are now part of our extended family, and will always be welcome here. Approx. number of attendees - 40 or more over the weekend.

Crashing restaurants... throwing cave parties... exploring collapses, rooftops, sewers, tunnels, underground boating expos, deathshaft rappels, plus plenty more pre-game & after party happenings.

...And you'd have to have been here to know the rest...

Yes, That Place 2011 (8/20/2011 - 21 attendees)
We had over 25 people attend from as far as 150 miles and explored pre-designated and mapped locations on the vast Fort Ord military base in Seaside California. It was a very significant event, as much of the base is in the process of demolition and some locations will be gone soon. It was geared toward introducing the site to beginners but veteran explorers showed up and I was able to show completely new locations to them, so it was a blast for all of us.

Mental Health Day (8/21/2011 - 13 attendees)
This convention was set up after several UER members from across the NC/SC/GA area expressed interest in exploring the Department of Mental Health Complex in Columbia SC. Attendees explored SC's only Kirkbride Asylum, as well as the more modern psychiatric facilities littered about the campus. As the mental health campus is expected to be sold to developers within the year, this event may be the last exploring convention held at these locations. There were 20 attendees.

Chattsplore 2.0 (8/26/2011 - 15 attendees)
Chattsplore 2.0 had over 9,000 people meet up for the second epic group exploration of Chattanooga on August 26th and 27th. UER members and guest came from all over, Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Some used their mod expense accounts to get a hotel, the rest of us camped for real. We visited several of Chattanooga finer locations, ranging from upscale hotels, floating restaurants, a military base, some wonderful trains, an underground dog fighting ring or crack house, an incredibly imposing feed silo, and a bridge. Fun was had by all and new sites were seen by many! Actually, that have been only 26 people.

Chuseok 911 Meet (9/11/2011 - 1 attendees)
On Chuseok, Koreans all go to their hometowns, leaving Seoul empty. It's the perfect holiday for exploring. A bunch of people met up, and over the course of several days much fun was had. Sites visited included: a crane, rooftops, an abandoned neighbourhood, a drain, and an abandoned red-light district.

Camp Bison Campout 2 2011 (9/17/2011 - 9 attendees)
The 3rd UE/camping weekend of 2011, hosted by Match Girl and Logtec. The weekend included hiking/backpacking to the abandoned prison in Burwash Ontario. 10 explores came from Toronto, Southern Ontario and Sudbury to attend this end of season bash. Some of the weekend's events included: meeting new people and seeing old friends, bonfire, drinking, night time UE and a firework display from the roof.
Thanks to everyone who came out to our weekend campouts during the 2011 UE season!

Triangle-opolis (9/19/2011 - 8 attendees)
Thirteen members from Atlanta, Georgia, Central/West/East NC, Virginia converged on the Raleigh, NC area.

A dozen explorers met up with me, AnAppleSnail, and traveled to some of the highlights of the Triangle area. Above, below, and inside the city's best, we started before the sun came up and kept going long after it went down. We explored factories, climbing (billboard & water tower), rooftops, drains, elevators, and even an anechoic chamber.

eight is enough (plus Mr. Kanai) (10/29/2011 - 9 attendees)
A fun-filled weekend of costumed exploring fun!

11 explorers from all over California met up in Boron to explore the prison camp until long after dark and continued on to explore a few locations in the LA area the next day. It was Halloween weekend as well so some of us explored in costume adding to the fun of scaring scrappers away (only to have them come back and scare us off after dark.) This was a great opportunity for Nor Cal and So Cal explorers to get to know each other. Some of us came from about 400 miles away for this meet up and had a blast.

VCXPEX (12/9/2011 - 25 attendees)
Showcasing the jewels of the Queen and Gem Cities, VCXPEX brought together explorers from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Texas and Canada for a three day, two city exploration / restaurant occupation extravaganza.

Church of Atom's Mission Trip to Atlanta (1/14/2012 - 6 attendees)
Several of the Chattanooga, Tennessee regulars along with a Knoxvillian honorary regular gathered together early on Saturday morning to go on a trip to saves the lost souls of the state of Georgia. After parking outside a closed Planned Parenthood centre and a small trek through some woods they went to an amusement park and searched for little children to spread the gospel to but alas, the park was empty. Although there was an attempted sacrifice of a mod during the exploring. After a few brief stops for energy drinks and poops they headed on out to a railcar yard hoping to bring the word of the Church of Atom to the homeless but alas all they found there was a wannabe porn shoot going on and that group had no inclination to hear the word.The rest of evening was spent scouting out some buildings downtown and some infiltrations which resulted in some shouting from the rooftops. All in all, the mission to save souls was a bust but exploring with the congregation was a success.

Memphis Indecent Exploration (3/16/2012 - 6 attendees)
Indecent exploration included 8 explorers from Memphis and Baltimore and spanned an entire weekend of abandoned and some not-so-abandoned semi-active buildings. Pool was played, roofs were camped, and anyone that doesn't shoot Nikon was not allowed.

KCUrbex Super Spring Jam Cave Campout 2012 (3/30/2012 - 26 attendees)
About 50 explorers from all over the US joined us KC locals for a weekend long campout in an abandoned limestone mine. During the second day we broke off into groups and explored as many of KC's sites as possible, then met back up at the party cave for a FULL night of booze, fire, explosives, and some gnarly thick smoke.

MAMU IV (4/6/2012 - 25 attendees)
During this legendary weekend meetup, 25 explorers from all around the US and Canada converged on DJ Craig's small hometown of Johnson City, TN, to explore its many industrial wonderlands of rust and asbestos. The meetup included two nuclear plants, two large coal plants, a drain with a waterslide, and a massive tailrace tunnel for the grand finale.

CBCx3 (5/26/2012 - 18 attendees)
The third installment of the Camp Bison Campout, hosted by Match Girl and Logtec. 21 explorers (and 3 dogs) backpacked into the abandoned Bison Prison in Burwash Ontario to spend a fun filled weekend of UE, camping and shenanigans. Guests came from Toronto, Southern Ontario and Sudbury. The weekend's events included: meeting new people and catching up with old friends, an indoor bonfire (thanks fire ban), drinking, wandering aimlessly, sparklers, exploring, and photography. Highlight of the weekend was a surprise late night candle lit tunnel and basement tour organized by Vital Films. Thanks to everyone who came out to help kick off the summer of 2012!

SEAPEX (6/22/2012 - 24 attendees)
The first annual Seattle-based exploring convention that drew members from all over the country. We explored mills, nuclear power plants, boats and breweries. We swung through the air beneath bridges, walked above the clouds on rooftops of downtown Seattle, and surfed the elevators of unsuspecting occupants.

Infilnapolis 3 (7/27/2012 - 16 attendees)
An all weekend exploring extravaganza in Indianapolis. People from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maryland, and Illinois came to see what Indy has to offer. Explorers went to noisy abandonment's, wandered through industrial wastelands, delved into a large mental hospital, traveled to an old school, fire-breathed in drains, crashed pools, and squatted on rooftops.

European Pro-Hobo Infiltration Collaboration (E.P.I.C.) Tour 2012 (8/10/2012 - 5 attendees)
An insane two week exploration ordeal including 30 prime and backup European locations scattered across 4 countries. As one may expect of such an endeavor, there were great successes and outright failures as well as awesome surprises and complete disappointments. Late nights and early days were the ongoing theme. Even with the hectic schedule, time was always made to enjoy the fantastic regional foods, local beers and wines to which the Europeans simply excel. Thanks to everyone who made it out and special thanks to our Non-UER European friends! We will be doing this again soon. I would also like to thank the weather for holding a sunny 30 degrees (except for the UK, where the rain helped with security at the Establishment). Highlights of the trip included the mysterious Laeken Crypt, mining at Hasard and Hugo, the shotgun at Noisy, scrapping at Powerplant IM with a little SRT in the Cooling Tower, the big tease at Château de La Forêt, wandering the many halls of St Hilarius, the exquisite detail of the CDC, the expansive Beelitz-Heilstätten hospital and of course the majestic industry of NGTE Pyestock! 8 attendees from Canada, UK, Luxembourg and Belgium.

UrbexMalt 2012 (9/15/2012 - 5 attendees)
This is the 1st edition of UrbexMalt, held in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

This is where the UrbexMalt tradition began:

Following a series of small but successful meets at the Canada Malting Plant over the past 2 years, a dozen explorers gathered on a faithful night that later became known as "UrbexMalt, 1st edition".

Things started out small, with a handful of makeshift wooden benches and a small bonfire in the inner courtyard of the complex.
This is when the organizers ClementRSedona and Deconstrukt vowed to organize a better, bigger event on an annual basis: This is how UrbexMalt was born!

• Here is the UrbexMalt 2012 photo album:

Exploroween (10/27/2012 - 18 attendees)
30+ participants new & experienced, got together shared a meal & explored! for many this was a first time be it exploring or meeting other local explorers/UERers. lots of awesome costumes, tons of fun & loads of great photos! we had people from all over & everyone that participated really had a fantastic time. we went to a huge abandoned cement works. stories were shared new friends were made!

Triangleopolis II (11/16/2012 - 10 attendees)
During this action-packed weekend in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill region, a group of explorers descended upon the unseen parts of the local universities, played with fire in a drain, and ate cheese in an anechoic chamber.

VCXPEX II (12/14/2012 - 18 attendees)
VCXPEX II was a weekend of raucous fun that spanned Dayton, Middletown, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Members were in attendance from all over the US/Canada including those from Washington, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ontario, New York, Michigan, and Tennessee. We saw everything from Civil War era paper mills to entire abandoned neighborhoods, ate some of the best food SW Ohio has to offer, and defiled the Mothafukkin Great Wolf Lodge!

MINIPEX 2013 (3/8/2013 - 8 attendees)
Starting in the late night and wee hours of the morning,a huge adventure began. Explorers from multiple states and Canada united together in the Pacific NorthWest for a coffee-fueled, exploring packed weekend of rooftops, elevator surfing, correctional facilities, stores, laboratories and drains galore! From long hikes in the woods to far off locations to tide-cradled mills by the shore, it was a long weekend of misadventure and naked memories!

MAMU 5 (4/19/2013 - 19 attendees)
During this action-packed weekend in the Louisville, a group of explorers led by Eschaton, and one brave paddle handle descended into the hidden parts of the city. The weekend included riding a boat down a sewer, wandering through an abandoned military industrial complex, climbing a fire escape ladder on a downtown highrise, and, of course, the obligatory MAMU spiders excursion. Back home there was cookie cake, delicious homemade liquor and, umm, sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles.

Infilnapolis 4 (6/23/2013 - 13 attendees)
In June of 2013, an elite gathering of explorers descended upon Indianapolis, Indiana. Their mission, code named: Infil-4, was a conglomeration of persons from Tennessee, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan. This top-secret meeting consisted of grain silos, 100' rope swings, enormous subterranean recesses, squatting rooftops, violent exothermic reactions, coke, 15 gallons of homemade beer, 3 cats, and a noise complaint.

SEAPEX II (8/9/2013 - 0 attendees)
Starting with a Portland Pre-game draining-turned-rescue-mission and ending with poop towels in Seattle, SeaPex II brought in Explorers from the East coast to the Best Coast, Americans and Canadian alike! Seattle rooftops were hopped, bridges were climbed, abandonments thoroughly infiltrated and their undergrounds explored. Through the rain, lightning, hail, and mudslides, SeaPex II just kept on SWINGING!

UrbexMalt 2013 (8/17/2013 - 7 attendees)
This is the 2nd edition of UrbexMalt, held in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

On this second edition of UrbexMalt, much more effort was put into the realization of the meet:
Cleaning the rubble in the courtyard to make it easier and safer to walk, building a better campfire, and more benches.

That year, the "suit-up" dress code was implemented as to contrast with the all-around dereliction of the Canada Malting Plant and usual exploring clothing.

Around 30 explorers from all around the Québec province attended the event.

There was fire-spitting, fireworks, a barbecue, and of course the famous group shot that became mandatory for each subsequent edition.

• Here is the UrbexMalt 2013 photo album:

SEAPEX II 2013 (9/11/2013 - 13 attendees)
Starting with a Portland Pre-game draining-turned-rescue-mission and ending with poop towels in Seattle, SeaPex II brought in Explorers from the East coast to the Best Coast, Americans and Canadian alike! Seattle rooftops were hopped, bridges were climbed, abandonments thoroughly infiltrated and their undergrounds explored. Through the rain, lightning, hail, and mudslides, SeaPex II just kept on SWINGING!

Exploroween 3 (10/26/2013 - 8 attendees)
Third annual costumed explore in California in celebration of Halloween, members of the local explore community new & old, & UER. this year we went to an abandoned military base in central California. we had about 15 people total we played around, explored, talked, & shot photographs. it was a great day & a fantastic crew!

VCXP3X (12/13/2013 - 12 attendees)
The third annual VCXPEX kicked off on Friday the 13th and went with barely a casualty! Veteran and novice explorers alike from all across North America descended upon the Cincinnati / Northern KY area for 3 days where they cracked rooftops, attacked the underground, drank well into the night, and had a rowdy good time. Laws were broken, cameras were broken, and traffic signals were broken. VCXPEX 4 will have a lot to live up to.

MAMU VI (4/17/2014 - 10 attendees)
During this action-packed weekend in Johnson City, TN, we played monopoly and scrabble, drank mead, did some aerial silks, and, of course, we explored some stuff.

Infilnapolis V (6/27/2014 - 5 attendees)
Now in in it's fifth year, Infilnapolis still proved to be a great time. Urbex enthusiasts from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois came to town. Said enthusiasts played king of the hill on top of a mountain of soybeans, infiltrated a guard house while the guard was out doing rounds, explored a giant underground system of tunnels and mines, cracked many a rooftop, squatted a hotel, drank lots of beer, and got rained out of the drains all three days.

SMASH ATL (7/4/2014 - 10 attendees)
Members from Georgia, Alabama and Florida traveled to Atlanta for some exploring and a fireworks viewing party from the top of an abandonment. We explored a few houses, two hospitals, a prison farm, some schools, some mills, a winery and an old government building that is well protected.

UrbexMalt 2014 (9/20/2014 - 9 attendees)
This is the 3rd edition of the biggest urban exploration meet to occur yet in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Over 80 people attended the revival of the Canada Malting Plant, which came back to life for those few hours.

For the first time in 30 years, electricity was running again in the plant's original conduits and wiring, feeding the old lights and giving back the rooms a taste of their original condition.

A fireplace, music DJ, photo exhibition with more than 120 photos, benches, tables, comfy couches, hundreds of candles, barbecue, red and golden carpets were some of the features on display. The guests, suited-up with classy & chic clothes, topped things off to create a completely unusual and surreal atmosphere.

• Here is the UrbexMalt 2014 photo album:
• And a video of the preparation and evening:

VCXPEX IV (12/5/2014 - 17 attendees)
Great times were had all around during this fun weekend at Casa-Budda's in Cincinnati, OH. Be careful where you chain up your bike.

Hex-TexPex (3/13/2015 - 11 attendees)
On the weekend of both Friday 13th & the Ides of March, explorers all across Texas converged in the city of Dallas. Arranged by AdventureDan, the weekend in the Lonestar State was complete with luxury abandonment accommodations for the out-of-towners. Exploring everything from regal rooftops, bodacious banks, historic hotels, grimy grain silos, and horrendous hospitals, the group rode manlifts up and elevators down, triangulated stairs, rooftop scuba, and fought off ever-persistent scrappers. It was certainly a memorable weekend for all, and no amount of superstition and bad luck could hold them back. Hhnnng!

SeXpex '15 (3/15/2015 - 8 attendees)
SeXpex '15 was a two and a half day long, urbex campout, meet and drink, day-tripping, beanie burning, photojaculating good time. Members from around the Southeast came together for a solid weekend of drinking, eating, exploring, drinking, setting fire to the floor, sleeping, and endangering fictional children with second-hand smoke for the express purposes of photography.

MAMU VII (5/15/2015 - 15 attendees)
Lord Nikon and SlimEngineering brought together explorers from around the US in Columbia, SC for a great weekend of exploring!

CorleyFest (5/22/2015 - 25 attendees)
The 7th annual ChestFest was renamed to CorleyFest: The Final Ride of the Sparkly Helmet in honor of explorer Steve Corley. On the shore of the Susquehanna River, explorers from around the country gathered to throw a huge party, and "Make something cool happen." As per usual, there were many big booms and explosions around the campfire. Eventually the cops were called...and they joined in the party too!

SMASH S.E (7/4/2015 - 7 attendees)
This event was planned around July 4th. 15 locations in three days. Members from Georgia traveled through the southeast for some exploring and a fireworks viewing party from the top of an abandonment. We explored a few churches, some schools, some mills, a train depot, a battery factory, a train warehouse and an old hotel. 12 people attended this event.

PTS - Portland To Seattle 2015 (8/15/2015 - 10 attendees)
For two days, Seattle gave Portland their best, from Kent to Sedro Wooley and many sites in-between. Together we explored asbestos-laden crypts, invaded the Land of Holes, endured the embrace of blackberry vines, and did many other things. But, happily, we weren’t able to do everything!  So we shall meet again.

Who came:

JennyUE (organizer)

UrbexMalt 2015 (9/12/2015 - 47 attendees)
This is the 4th edition of the annual urban exploration meeting in Montreal, Québec, Canada.
A record 110 guests showed up for the evening.

2015 was the Canada Malting's 110th birthday, and we were back altogether to honour this milestone.

All of the urban exploration enthusiasts in Québec were invited and some came from Ontario and even from France, dressed in their best clothes.We took a group picture with 96 of the guests, far exceeding the 63 of the previous year.

This year, over 150 pictures were exhibited including fifty by the artist & photographer Daniel Guilbert.
He presented his clichés of the Canada Malting taken after its closure in the 1980s and later in the 1990s.

The old glass globes were illuminated again by electricity fed into the old fixtures in order to revive the plant as it was 30 years ago. The DJ, the fireplace and all the installations where again at the rendez-vous.

The UrbexMalt 2015 photo album:
A video of the evening:

SPC - Seattle Portland Convergence 2015 (10/2/2015 - 6 attendees)
Road-trips from Seattle and Portland intersected at a large industrial complex, which six people investigated for two days. Here we plumbed dubious tunnels, scaled shaky heights, and explored everything in-between. We collected thistles in our socks, but suffered no worse injuries, and no encounters with theoretical rattlesnakes.

Who came:

Ganesha (organizer)

Wipex 2: The Third One (11/20/2015 - 9 attendees)
On November 20th through the 22nd of 2015, explorers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri joined forces to tackle several amazing locations in southern Wisconsin. Wipex 2: The Third One proved to be a great success!: A snowy bonfire behind an old feed mill. A gigantic religious school complex. Steam tunnels of both active and abandoned status. A major automobile manufacturing plant.. Many beers were drank. Birthdays were celebrated. Friendships were made and strengthened.

MAMU VIII (3/26/2016 - 21 attendees)
Explorers gathered from far and wide to explore the hidden side of Asheville, NC, and to celebrate the wedding of DJ Craig and MikMac during this action-packed weekend!

ALBERTA MEETUP '16 (7/17/2016 - 5 attendees)
Over two days in Summer '16, various explorers made the trek both to Edmonton and Calgary for some UE. It was the first time for Alberta folks to get to know one another, checking some new sites, successfully experiencing many, and just generally pretending to play Pokémon GO to avoid drawing attention to themselves.

Midwest Olympic splores 2016 (8/26/2016 - 5 attendees)
Members from Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri traveled to a town in the Midwest for some exploring and fireworks. We explored a few houses, some rooftops, a hospital, a prison, a school and a mill.

4th Annual Bay Area Bunker Run & BBQ (9/17/2016 - 4 attendees)
This was the 4th annual event of its kind. More to follow in the future.
It was a systematic visiting of the abandoned WWII San Francisco coastal defense system. Multiple locations were visited. Explorers from across the Bay Area were there, as well as a UER member from Sacramento and the Twin Cities area. All capped off with a hot dog BBQ at Rodeo Beach.

UrbexMalt 2016 (9/17/2016 - 30 attendees)
••Here is the 5th edition of UrbexMalt, the annual urbex meet in Quebec.

131 explorers attended the event, exceeding last year’s 100 guests.

UrbexMalt 2016 was probably the biggest meeting of urban explorers to ever be held in America.
This year’s group picture shows 113 explorers, wearing their best attire.

Invitations were sent out amongst the exploring scene in Ontario, and 15 talented explorers made the trip to Montreal for a nice meeting at our exploring Mecca.

Once again, the organizers outdid themselves to give their guests a truly original and unforgettable experience.

Another floor was added to the existing setup, adding 3 new exhibition rooms displaying pictures and artefacts, such as documents and various things found inside the Malt Plant.

Overall a total of 360 pictures were on display, including pictures taken by Daniel Guilbert at the Malt Plant over the years, and the Broom Man (Le Balayeur) series by one of the hosts, Guillaume Clément.

The entrance and every passage and staircaise leading to the reception floor were cleand and brightly lit with the building’s original light fixtures.

A dozen rooms were given a full and deep cleaning, including the repairing and reinstalling of the original light fixtures.

5 couches and numerous chairs and benches were laid to provide an absolute level of confort.
The remainder of the previous years’ installations was still present : the fireplace underwent a full lifting and new glass doors to prevent the smoke from entering back inside.

We are proud to pay a tribute to this historic place every year, since it is an emblematic part of our passion.
This event gives us the opportunity to gather once a year in order to keep our ties strong, as well as creating new ones with the new explorers in the scene.

• Here is the UrbexMalt 2016 photo album:
• And a video of the evening:

VCXPEX VI (12/9/2016 - 19 attendees)
We all went to Budda's house and then we explored stuff!

ALBERTA MEETUP '17 NORTH (7/1/2017 - 7 attendees)
Canada Day, 2017, explorers from around Alberta found themselves bumming around a not-so-terribly-fruitful Deadmonton, however we did witness Steed's aptitude for crafting a story while a random staff member was left mentally questioning the eccentric group of people standing in his lobby. The night included ending up on CCTV in a few places, swatting mosquitos, avoiding witnesses from high places, watching Germ roll-start his Jeep Cherokee, waiting an hour for some pancakes, and finding an unexpected, but generally appreciated, delivery of delicious Chinese food.

UrbexMalt 2017 (9/16/2017 - 63 attendees)
Here's the 6th edition of UrbexMalt, one of the biggest urban explorers meeting in North America, held once again in Montreal

For the first time this year, the event went international, with guests coming from Australia, USA, UK and of course Canada. This year's event was once again bigger than the previous one, with a total of 180 people who have attended.

Many improvements were done this year, including a huge mural by artist Jean-François Charest, the addition of a cinema room, lighting and ambient effects in the main room, a "fire breathing" performance, stickers made for the occasion, and new artefacts including the building's original blueprints from 1905 and 1930.

The group picture, taken at the same spot every year, was a real challenge to achieve: two levels of 40 feet-long benches were installed to fit the 150 people present on the picture.

A Very Merry UE Chuseok! (10/3/2017 - 0 attendees)
For five days, urban explorers of Korea and a few others took to Seoul's rooftops, abandonments, and tunnels over Korea's longest-ever holiday, Chuseok 2017. We wandered through abandoned alleys with a hip-hop group, walked about 2 kilometers underground with a blind guy, and hung out with Peter Parker on a roof.

A Very Merry UE Chuseok! (10/3/2017 - 3 attendees)
For five days, urban explorers of Korea and a few others took to Seoul's rooftops, abandonments, and tunnels over Korea's longest-ever holiday, Chuseok 2017. We wandered through abandoned alleys with a hip-hop group, walked about 2 kilometers underground with a blind guy, and hung out with Peter Parker on a roof.

Clocktoberfest 10th Anniversary (10/20/2017 - 12 attendees)
The first Clocktoberfest occurred in 2007, as a campout and exploring meetup for Iowa and Minnesota urban explorers. Over the years, this annual event has expanded and become a traditional institution for Midwest urban explorers. Through the communal aspect of this meetup, familial bonds have been built linking the Twin Cities urban exploration community with exploring communities in Kansas City, Madison, Appleton, Chicago, Rockford, and many other Midwestern strongholds. This year was the first time Cincinnati explorers joined in the festivities. Activities this year included Union Park ruins and cave, a large group rafting excursion to "Floaty Boaty" mine, smaller group exploration trips to abandoned power plants and breweries nearby, and of course the traditional Pits Cave.

New Year Monster Hunt (2/2/2019 - 5 attendees)
We rang in the Lunar New Year with a full long weekend of activities.

Day 1: We visited active demolition at Euljiro, where one member of our group ran into an evictee protester she had interviewed and he gave us a tour of some of the remaining machine shops. Then we went to Ahyeon-dong where a hired goon chased after us on a scooter, and then hit a rooftop in Sinchon and got food.

Day 2: Despite a light rain, we risked the Host Tunnel, taking precautions such as staying mobile and being aware where water would come from.

Day 3: I went alone out to Baedari, Incheon, to see the urban renewal happening there at a historic community.

Day 4: We visited Camp Howze, a former USFK base.

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