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RL Hearn Thermal Generating Station, Toronto, ON

So what is it all about?

UE or rather Urban Exploration (UrbEx), is about discovering the lost, stretching out beyond the walls that society has placed around. Signs, Fences, Warnings, everything that is there, and because it's there will stop someone from going in.

In the end it's all about iron doors and paper walls. They barricade up everything, but leave the small things unnoticed, and that's where we get in. We don't go in to damage, hurt or destroy. We go in to preserve. Because who will remember such buildings when they're gone. Places that have defined a city or town. RL Hearn, one of Canada's first Coal Generating stations. Consumer's Glass, the massive yellow silos that marked on the 401 that you were comming into Milton. Muskoka Woods, Orillia Center, and Edgars, both monuments to the institutionalization of the lower functioning adults throughout Ontario in the fifties and sixties. London and Whitby Physc, both testaments to the treatment of the mentally ill.

Many locations now reused or gone, except through people like us who see them and walk the empty decaying halls.