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Do NOT enter drains. Read this warning!

UA City World MapGobbledox.
Rating:1st September 2000

This is a short but very large and high drain, the biggest in UA City. There is much to see, out of the drain as well as in it.

Drain report

Map of Gobbledox drain with entrance and exit marked
Note: The map is not accurate and is drawn from estimates of where features are in relation to above ground.

1. Entrance. The drain entrance is very picturesque, with a lot of atmosphere. The old brick work combined with the new footbridge and the canal make for a nice entry point.


2. Second Entry.

There is another entry to the drain just under the Freeway which is not at first apparent. The side tunnel in is a bit low, but has an interesting solid rock floor.

3. Light Grille

There is a grille just in the entrance that lets in a lot of light. The tunnel slopes noticeably downhill here, and is quite wide. There is a bit of graffiti on the walls.

4. Side tunnel.

About a hundred or so metres into the tunnel there is a small side tunnel. As I had a lot to cover in this day I did not spend much time exploring this tunnel. It eventually comes to a deep pit filled with water.

5. Exit.

The tunnel winds down hill, steadily getting bigger and bigger. Every now and then there are small side tunnels way up the side of the drain. These often dump the ugliest looking water and junk into the drain. The exit is finally reached at the point that the drain is it's largest. I remember thinking that a double decked bus would easily fit into the drain at this point. The drain really is huge, massively high.

6. Downstream of drain.

One of the best things about the drain is that it does not really end after emerging into sunlight. The drain continues on as a creek system, and then into the Harbor. The scene below the drain exit contains waterfalls and jungle like growth reminiscent of Jurassic ages. The numerous skinks and lizards sunning themselves on the rocks add to this look.

Not far from Gobbledox is Diodedox

Do NOT enter drains. Read this warning!

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