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Mayfield Secondary School

Check out the Mayfield photo gallery.

Year: 1969 - Addition completed in 2002
Location: 5000 Mayfield Road, Brampton
Status: Open for Business.
Accessibility: Doors are wide open, but security will be much tighter in the future due to the recent installation of security cameras. Most doors however are locked to ensure students are kept out of restricted areas. Blending in isn't a problem - it's easy to get lost in 2,500 kids.
Hazards: Due to recent events, getting caught in a high school during normal operation will probably result in some sort of a beating. Knowning the staff, they'd call the police on you and press charges. They consider trespassers a threat to their students' security. In terms of physical hazards, there is asbestos in the Fan Rooms and you must watch your step on the catwalk. It's a long way down.
Interesting features: What can I say. When I attended high school at Mayfield I didn't get to see half the stuff I did. I had no idea such large hidden Fan Rooms existed. I did help out a lot with the shows and performances the school put on so I was quite familar with Fan Room "B", but I always did wonder what was behind those other red doors.
Recommendation: Unless you get to go in those areas for legitimate reasons *cough*, I suggest you stay out of the school.

A Dive into the Not-So-Past
May 9th, 2003

I have secrets I
think you should know. When I attended Mayfield for my 5-year high school career it was an interesting experience. It wasn't like the other schools I had been to. Everything was laid back, kids were all nice people to hang out with and teachers seemed to enjoy their job. For quite some time we had run of the school. Unfortunately, this has begun to head downhill. Anyway, Mayfield had lots of cool places you could go - I spent a great deal of time in the catwalks working. But, I was always intrigued to know what was behind those other doors I didn't have access too.
I entered the school and did a quick check to see who was around, much to my surprise was fairly empty. My first stop was Fan Room "A". When I first entered the room I was shocked at the size of it. It was huge. Inside were power breakers and the air conditioning controls for the office and auditorium as well as duct work which lead to these belt driven fans. A stack of replacement belts sat in the corner. All of this was er, interesting - but I was more interested at that time with some good ol' roof access. The roof was, well, flat. I got to check out the antenna system the school had on the roof as well as some vent equipment above the gymnasiums. I recall one grad prank from a few years ago which involved the placement of a car up on the roof. Those silly kids. Continuing on to Fan Room "B" meant walking though the catwalk used by the techs who would setup the lighting for performances. After visiting the old lighting booth, I arrived in Fan Room "B". This room was similar to the previous, except it contained 5 mammoth hot water heaters and a GE Transformer. The room also granted me roof access to the same area Fan Room "A" did.
After getting bored of the Fan Rooms I decided to check out the kitchen to which I am happy to say how well the photos turned out, considering I couldn't find the light switch. The kitchen kinda reminded me of an autopsy room or something. Everything was stainless steel. Now that I think about it the food did taste kinda weird.
My little adventure wasn't complete without checking out the new addition. Even though it was recently constructed, it still has its share of nooks and crannies. At the top of one of the ramps that connected the school to the academic wing and new addition is a photocopier room. In this room was another door which lead to a large makeshift stairway which scaled the entire height of the new addition. I climbed up the shaky staircase till I reached a room which contained a furnance and water heating/pumping equipment, as well as a multitude of new pipes. It was all new and shiny. After a brief look off the roof I headed back down and into the older section of the school to scope out the boiler room.
It was extremely hot in the boiler room, so hot in fact I could only withstand 5 minutes before I had to escape into the hall to find some colder air. The boiler room did house some pretty nifty stuff though, loads of pipes and electrical equipment, a boiler (obviously), and some older relics from previous equipment that was placed in this room.
I ended my "tour" of Mayfield by checking out the staff room and the auditorium.

All said and done, it was pretty cool being able to get a glimpse behind the scenes at a building you spent a large portion of your life in.


Now let me see the photo gallery!

Contact: uecanada@kmfms.com