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Location DB > Germany > Nordrhein-Westfalen > Otzenrath > Otzenrath (Village) > How we robbed a bank...

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Sat, May 21st, 2005
posted by IIVQ
How we robbed a bank...

In Otzenrath we parked next to the Raffeisenbank (of which the parking lot existed since 1886, at least that's what the sign said).

We made a tour to the whole village and when we were done (we wanted to see the "kraftwerk") we went back to our cars, funnily hoping for a way into the bank. There was a barred door in the basement level, so I went down to try whether it was open (you never know) but it was not.

When I went back up the stairs again I took a last look at the bank before heading off to the car when suddenly Quido shouted "goddamnit".

When I looked I could see what he was so exited about: from within the bank, someone put his had to the blinds and waved at us. Then he reavealed his head. Arjan had gotten into the bank. So had Marcel.

Apparrently on the other side of the bank there was a hatch to a basement window they had gotton open, from which it was very easy to enter the basement.

In the basement was a safe with the thickest door I've ever seen, must've been 50 cm across. It went smooth, but you needed an enourmous force to get it moving (and the same force to stop it again). Behind the door unfortunately there was a locked bar door, so we never got into the vault (and the 500+ safety deposit boxes there).

On the floor were dozens of chains with 100 keyas each.

In the ground floor there were the cashier windows, which was completely exposed to the street, so we had to crawl around to avoid being seen. Arjan wanted to press the alarm button but decided against it.

Also there was a little office where Arjan and Marcel had stood to wave at us. I saw some boxes there which looked like ISDN NT boxes, and the led was still on. So apparrently the place still had power. Good no one pressed the alarm button.

Because the bank was totally empty and it was very exposed to the street we left quickly, although leaving was harder than entering as your body had to make a weird bend. After 3 tries I finally got out which saved us an embarassing call to the fire department. Out we went and we quickly left for the Kraftwerk, which we never reached because the route was "blocked" by a little biergarten.


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