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Location DB > United States > New York > Amsterdam > Coleco Warehouse > Fiddlerjone's less than great pics from the meet > Surveillance.JPG

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Posted by 'Dukes 1/10/2005 9:07 AM | remove
  See anything Sam? Nope Pidgon pile 2 on floor 3 clear, ahh, dead bird pile on floor one is clear. "Ok, we're good , I'll get the coffee!"
Posted by MatC 1/11/2005 1:14 AM | remove
Posted by Path Walker 1/11/2005 1:36 AM | remove
  Wow, 'Dukes knows exactly what it's like to work my job... :-\
Posted by 'Dukes 1/11/2005 8:05 AM | remove
  The assisant mgr at Queensbury knows you btw; everything went like clockwork in my stores as usual!
Posted by Path Walker 1/12/2005 12:19 AM | remove
  Yeah, my reputation for putting the hurt on bad guys travels throughout the company. =) Actually, I met him back when he was working at the closing Crossgates location and I was in training. Nice guy. You probably worked with one of my detectives up there as well, Ken, and maybe even our "boss" Dan. Ken eats sugar packets whole, just rips the top off and chugs 'em. Dan... looks like Agent Dogget from the last season(s) of the X-Files, or like the second terminator... which, needless to say, intimidates the rest of us.
Posted by 'Dukes 1/12/2005 1:17 AM | remove
  He said you had a big case going on.

Posted by Path Walker 1/12/2005 9:53 PM | remove
  We *had* a big case come out of my store last month; associate who stole a sum total of $1300 was taken out by myself. Lately, it's been eerily quiet in my base store, and in the other stores in the district. Unless my other detectives aren't sharing info...
Posted by MatC 1/13/2005 1:15 AM | remove
  With all the talk of "detectives," I picture some random figure standing under a steetlight, the whole scene bathed in fog. He nervously starts to smoke a cigarette, but before he can take a second drag, a trench-coated PW steps silently up behind him. "Gumshoe," he says. The punk jumps about four feet in the air. "Pathwalker!" He says, "Hhhhi, I wwwwas just gonnnnna go look for you." "Sure you were," PW says. "I just want to let you know: I'm onto you gumshoe. You and Tony Two-Shoes. Now get out of town before I run you out." The figure nervously considers his options as PW takes out an old .38 revolver. "It's your choice kid," he says, spinning the cylinder. "Leave now and you've got a good life ahead of you. Stick around, and..." PW snaps the cylinder shut one-handed and deftly brings the pistol to bear, blowing a hole neatly through the man's hat. It whispers to the ground. "Like I said," PW intones, "you've got two choices. And that's one of them," he says, gesturing to the crushed hat on the ground. He holsters the piece and tips his hat. "Enjoy your night, Louie." His footsteps echo as he walks away, leaving behind the snitch, trembling, and suddenly pale.
Posted by 'Dukes 1/13/2005 1:53 AM | remove
  I had more in mind this:
"The night was dark, as dark as the ace of spades. I sat in my office, the smoke from my Lucky strike billowing through the rust yold spaceheater like the breath of some long forgotten mythical creature. I tipped my hat back , grabbed a scotch, and stared at the "Eat at Joes" sign flashing through the window of my 6th floor office. And then my world changed , for better or worse. This dame walked in, introduced herself as Anasazi, and produced a camel non filter in a holder. "Light" she said in dulcet tones. I of course obliged. What a dish I thought. At that moment I knew my life would never be the same..

Posted by 'Dukes 1/13/2005 1:54 AM | remove
  Oh Christ that sounded gay as hell.
Posted by MatC 1/13/2005 1:58 AM | remove
  Naw, it was just getting hetero and then you stopped! ;-)
Posted by Path Walker 1/13/2005 3:39 AM | remove
  Wow... you guys went from having it dead-on to missing it by miles.

Picture, if you will, one man, alone, in a room lit only by a desk lamp, a color monitor, and 10 black-and-white camera monitor screens. A computer, an oscillating fan, and the heating system produce the only noise, as this lone operator deftly maneuvers a camera control pad, twisting his two dome cameras this way and that, zooming and panning out, monitoring every face, every body, in the store under his watch, always searching for the elusive... (dun dun dunnn!) shoplifter. He eats deli sandwiches and fast food, drinks ultra hi-test home-brewed coffee from a thermos, and pees in an empty Poland Springs bottle (because god forbid anyone should find out that he's there if he's gotta leave the office to use the 'normal' facilities...).

Yeah, that's more like it.

I'm gonna go cry now; my life sucks.

But I liked the pieces you guys wrote; take it from a writer, that's good stuff there.
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