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UER Mobile > Archived US: Mid-Atlantic > Rudisill Gold Mine and others (Viewed 236 times)
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Rudisill Gold Mine and others
< on 8/25/2008 2:23 AM >
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One of my historical records digging in the library I happen upon a story of Little Hardware Store on Mint Street had a bathroom sink a foot due to a mine shaft..WAIT..A MINE SHAFT!

"The Rudisill Mine was Mecklenburg County’s largest gold mine and one of two
of commercial significance.The Rudisill gold mine was located in what is now Uptown Charlotte. At the time of its discovery in 1825, however, the lode
was well outside the limits of the then small city.It is believed that tunnels from the Rudisill Mine still lie beneath much of the area just south and west of Uptown (in the vicinity of what is now the stadium and Summit Avenue) and that some of these remaining tunnels still contain tools and equipment left behind
by the early miners. Today there is no easily recognizable evidence
of the Rudisill Gold Mine at the earth’s surface, but a North Carolina
commemorative marker designates its location and preserves its



More excerpts:

in the vicinity of what is now Bank of America Stadium and Summit Avenue in Charlotte.

Bank of America Corporate Center, the 50-yard line of Bank of America Stadium, parts of the Wilmore neighborhood, and the new Beazer project along Morehead are all sitting on that proverbial gold mine. Summit Avenue, where it winds from Tryon Street to I-277, even used to be named Gold Street.

St. Catherine mine was located at what is now the junction of I-277 and north of the Carson Boulevard exit ramp. Beazer Homes is currently clearing land at the site for their town home project along Morehead Street, across from the Bank of America Stadium. During a recent drive past the site, we could clearly see large outcroppings of granite and other stone being exposed by the site work being done. St. Catherine was started in 1825 by Samuel McComb and is known as the first deep mine that followed a vein of gold underground.


A concrete cap that was used to seal the entrance can still be seen on the vacant lot at the top of the hill. Numerous shafts and tunnels for the Rudisill Mine were located under what is now the commercial corridor of Mint Street between Summit Avenue and Park Avenue, as well as the blocks of the Wilmore neighborhood along Westwood, Southwood, and Wickford Avenues. Gray Little, of Little Hardware, tells of a time when the bathroom in their original building collapsed, the result of an old mine tunnel collapsing far below ground. Little’s Mint Street location is directly above one of the subsidiary mines that went up and down Mint Street, and many of the buildings on that strip have had structural issues in the past as a result of the tunnels and shafts below them. Little even tells of locations where evidence of the old mines can easily be seen, as well as locations that have been covered up over time.

Though many mines in the region were little more than deep pits or open pit mines, others, like St. Catherine and Rudisill, had tunnels and shafts that went as deep as 300 to 600 feet. Geological maps of center city show areas of excavation open-pit mining, shaft and tunnel locations, and even pinpoint locations where active mining in the city took place




The last article has TONS of info on other mines..

Thoughts? Note I would NOT access this site if it is even possible!

so wish I had full access to DB to do historical digging on abandon buildings...
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UER Mobile > Archived US: Mid-Atlantic > Rudisill Gold Mine and others (Viewed 236 times)

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