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Infiltration Forums > Archived Canada: Alberta / BC > Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful (Viewed 488 times)

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Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful
< on 2/5/2007 12:43 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
formally known as the W. George Building, I joined AUMC for this mission, here's my pictures... some i am happy with some bite the big one, pax has some nice low light shots...

so night starts out @ the meet and greet, i meet TL, PAX, Junix, Stuck, Dogyears... round of beers brought me welcome into the group thanks again pax discussion and debated of various activities, payed up and TL, Pax Junix Stuck and I ventured down to the building known as the W. George site, we parked and ran around to the alley, Pax Stuck and myself showed up to grapple 101 class a little late and class had already been started... we stood around a little until we heard someone say "HEY, DO YOU NEED SOME HELP?" startled by the man standing in the building leaning over the plywood, he told us he would help us through the 14 foot wall. so much for grapple lessons, not that TL seemed too upset about that anyways so into the building we ventured, the squatter who had helped us in was on his way out for the night, so out come the odd beer and cigar Stuck and myself venture up the south stairwell and take a look at the abandoned elevators, the doors had been ripped off of the wall and were strewn about in random areas of each floor. a satisfying layer of pigeon excrement was on everything we touched, up to the 4th floor we went, walking out onto the first rooftop, from here we had a decent view of the construction that was going on across the street, could see the office buildings around, so up the next floor the two of us went, we had now switched stairwells and were now in the northern one, each landing offered up a different theme, one would be discarded building nails, next would be leaves, moss, some garbage on the next, then we found a dead, mostly decayed, partially mummified.... pigeon was hoping for another spidermonkey but not, i was meaning to get a picture of it but we all came back down the southern, anyways so up to the 9th floor we went, along the way i had noticed there were wholes punched in the floor, neat squares, same place on each floor, about 7 feet by about 9 feet. Stuck and i reach the 9th floor and as we do i am startled by the three people that are already up here, thinking off the bat that we have stumbled across security or another group of people i instantly go into flight mode and go to make off down the long stairwell, it was about this point i realize that these three people are Junix pax and TL. so the 5 of us were finally reunited. Looking around this level we discover (just as TL had previously told us) the two outermost elevators were here on the 9th floor, doors partially open coaxing us in for a visit, although none of us decided to, the middle elevator was an empty 9 floor drop with no doors. So we stand around on what surely would have been the boss's corner office balcony, we snap some pictures, pax got a few pictures of us, my camera being fully automatic and thats it, could only get a few scenery shots, thought they didn't turn out too bad though if i do say so myself. so as we are hanging out and what not, TL (i believe it was) spots a naked woman in her kitchen in the closest apartment, Stuck and myself venture over, me with camera in hand, only to be disappointed that it's a guy with a feminine physique, who, thank god, was actually wearing a pair of boxers, Stuck decides to explore higher, finding a steep staircase i shall call the Stairway To Hell, this staircase, as we later found out, was to the maintence rooms for the elevator equipment, as Stuck is going up the stairs, the pigeons who have been peacefully nesting here for the previous 13 years, decided to attack this rude intrusion of their home, retreating to gather troops, he rejoins us on the balcony, tells us of his encounter and waits for the dust to settle, after a little while the 5 of us decide to venture up and see how things are, we arrive and I realize this is quite possibly the steepest staircase i have seen, the grade it was on was more strait up and down than a standard ladder should be, had a slope of probably 2.5-3. So up, into the elevator room we find the old elevator motors and circuitry that once must have been planned to operate and help some person earn their millions, from here we found a rickety old solid steel ladder that was in great condition (hows that for misleading?) anyways up to the very top roof, of which there was nothing, no railings, no antennas, no tools, just a layer of membrane that had been laid by the roofer on their first day of work and had not been returned to, it had not even been secured down. by anything other than the weight of the water that was pooled on it. so back down the south stairwell we go, all the way to the sublevels as we go down the stairs, we hear a woman's voice asking what we are doing and telling us to leave, this building has two sub levels that we explored (possibly a third but i don't think so) down to the lowest where we find a lot of nothing really, some empty work offices, the small plywood rooms on the sides of the area, a lot of blue prints, safety charts, discarded 2X4's plywood random construction refuse, so up one level we go where we find what use to be a squatters home, it has been destroyed, completely and utterly, everything is thrown everywhere. this room used to be someone's home, used to be someone's life, where is that someone to go now? the room smelled mildly of urine, had someone urinated on that someone's little amount of belongings? had they urinated on the diary that was found in this room? one thing that must be said is that it was not very safe walking in there as everywhere you stepped there was a dirty syringe, hundreds of them. we start to proceed back up to ground level when stuck opened up a cooler... a decision i think everyone immediately regretted. the smell was horrious... we go back up to the top where we run into the female who was asking us to leave previously, she is the person who used to live in this room, she is the person who used to live here, she is the person who used to have a purpose until someone destroyed that, took what little she had and killed it. being that she has never been treated with respect, we can hear the panic in her voices she asks us to leave, we invite her over stating that we are friendly but she doesn't trust us. beers get finished and we leave, she is waiting by the exit, shaking in fear, we tell her that we are the only people in there but she is still scared, TL being the generous guy that he is offers to go back inside with her, help her down to her room, what was left of it at least.

here are some pictures that i took, i will try to arrange them in order to meet the story

the building as seen from W. Georgia

the alley, where we attempted from

a dark picture of the balcony overhanging the main level

View of construction from 4th floor roof

[img width=920 height=690][/img]

Top of stairs, onto the 9th floor

View of construction from 9th floor balcony

random shot of the city from 9th floor

stairwell to the mechanical floor (above 9th) "stairway to hell"?

elevator motor

Elevator Circuts

elevator button in parkade, bottom floor

blue prints for main floor (in parkade)

Artist's Rendering

Random box found on ramp between sub 1 and sub 2

destroyed life

peeling paint from ceiling over pile of someone's life

cooler with smell

the team about to exit

Proposal for site

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Re: Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful
<Reply # 1 on 2/6/2007 1:20 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
An interesting story, nice teamwork. Does anyone know the reason that project has been halted? Maybe they ran out of funds, or didn't have all their ducks in a row with City Hall? That architectural firm has been around for many years. I used to take photos for them, CIBC building etc.

My sister is Charlotte Light and Dark. Who am I?

Farewell and thank you... "I was doing something that I thought could have some impact someday. In many ways, it's really these photographs that kept me going creatively." Dennis Hopper

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Re: Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful
<Reply # 2 on 2/23/2007 1:54 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Right on... that place is pretty cool. We checked it out before the "HUGE WALLS" went up over the "big walls". We saw a lot of writing downstairs about someone called Izzy, at first affectionate, then progressively more and more concerned and finally angry. Also a bunch of torn up photos of a girl, was that Izzy? It was a bit eerie. Oh there was also a room with a chair and a hanged mario doll in front of it.

My buddy went back one night afterwards while drunk with his girlfriend and sister, apparently they somehow made it up the wall. It was raining and dripping all over. They had no flashlight just a lighter. As they started heading downstairs they claim to have heard a quiet crying coming from below... they got the hell out, fast. Sounds like it might have been that same woman you met.


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Re: Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful
<Reply # 3 on 2/23/2007 5:43 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Wow, that has got to be the largest single paragraph I have seen in my life.

Did anyone read it? My eyes cannot focus on that.

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Re: Newport City Club: Mission Report: Successful
<Reply # 4 on 2/23/2007 7:59 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Her name is Tabitha and her boyfriend is Stephen. This was thier little spot.

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