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Infiltration Forums > Archived Canada: Alberta / BC > Mt Sicker Mine Tunnels (Viewed 201 times)

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Mt Sicker Mine Tunnels
< on 9/21/2006 4:18 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I've heard there's an old copper mine shaft and ghost town up on Mt. Sicker(Near Duncan) Has anyone been up there and explored it and if so is it as cool as i've imagined it? I've also heard that you need 4wd to access the area and that the steep rocky trail to get to the actual shaft entrance is hidden in a treed area near a bunch of slag piles (which i'm assuming is old logging territory as well) don't have 4wd myself but if theres anybody out there who does who would be willing to explore it sometime let me know. Also are there any old buildings (houses shacks etc) from the old ghost town the miners inhabited still remaining up there? Supposedly i've heard a rumour there still was a few years back but not sure about now.


victoria bc

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Re: Mt Sicker Mine Tunnels
<Reply # 1 on 9/21/2006 4:59 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
there is a few tunnels still open but a bunch were filled in by a mine company a while back.i haven't seen any standing buildings ,but there are remains of a few.if you find a shaft use extreme caution.that area was mined a century ago so the tunnels can easly cave in.i had a wood cave in below me a month ago in a mine its kinda freeky when 60 feet of wood falls out from below my feet,lucky i was roped in..iam intrested in heading up to mt. sicker again.


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Re: Mt Sicker Mine Tunnels
<Reply # 2 on 9/21/2006 6:59 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Nothing remains on Mt. Sicker. The forestry company that was logging the area (not mentioning any companies in particular, but I believe it was Timberwest) knocked down the last buildings years ago. All that's left now is scattered bricks, and a very tall tailings/slack pile. Didn't have time to look for the mines themselves. If you get the chance and can find it, go up or down via the old rail line, which you can find at the very end of Mt. Sicker Road (where Russell's Farms is on the Island Highway). The rail line, a narrow gauge one, was so steep that they had to use switchbacks to get up and down the mountain. The trains had to back up and go forward many times. Amazingly steep, even as a road, much less a rail line.

The other way to get in there is off of Somenos Road, north of Duncan.

Infiltration Forums > Archived Canada: Alberta / BC > Mt Sicker Mine Tunnels (Viewed 201 times)

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