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UER Forum > Archived US: Pacific Northwest > old adventures in sitka (Viewed 455 times)

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old adventures in sitka
< on 8/16/2008 6:07 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
just thinking about the causeway in sitka, they do tours there sometimes in the summer and i wanted to go since i was little and i finally went last year with some friends, there is about 3 battery turrets, and 4 or 5 dome shaped bunkers that you can go inside.

theres also two big bunker complex thingis and one of them you have to pass through to get to the other side of the island.

im kicking myself in the ass for not taking pictures when i went, but it was still a good time nonetheless.

has anyone ever been out to these too?

wana go sometime in the next year or two when im in town again lol?

there was also a cool subdivision of abandoned houses next to the SERHC hospital on japonski island, but in the last year, they have demolished all of them. me and one of my friends would go to them everyday after school in 7th grade and just hang out and explore the subdivision deeper.

we also found a bunch of bunkers on japonski island, just little ones, there is a gun turret pill box looking one. and some small square box ones probably no bigger than 8X10. but if you look hard enough, there is a pretty nice sized one at the end of the island by the airport. its probably as big as a small studio apartment, and there is a wall that has what looks like a cremation chamber in it. lots of big rusty doors lined up in something like 6 by 6 rows. and then they go into a place that looks like you could lay down in.

there is also a abandoned mine shaft out halibut point road. me and a few friends explored that a couple years ago and it was pretty cool, you would never notice it if you didn't know where to look though.

we got on some boots and went sloshing though it, the bottom was flooded, and we probably walked a little over a quarter mile into it then we decided we should turn back because the girls were getting scared that it would collapse. we came to a fork in the shaft before we turned back and there was a dead trolley cart on one side and a doll hanging from a neuce over top of it. pretty scary stuff.
i wana go back someday, but im not in sitka anymore, so sometime in the next year or two, ill revisit these places and ill take some pictures for you guys.

anyone else have any sitka adventures or sitka pictures to share?

heres a little bit of information on the bunkers in the sitka area
i didnt make this website or anything, just found it when i was surfing the web reliving some old memories.



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Re: old adventures in sitka
<Reply # 1 on 8/25/2008 8:09 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I went to high school in Sitka, I used to hang out in the military ruins all the time. Kind of what got me into UE actually, I came across the Cave Clan online in like 1996 and immediately went out and did a drain (the only one in town ) If you ever go up Peterson Creek Drain (starts at the old Seaplane turnaround), you might see some oldschool pre-ethics Freak tags.

Here's the old original part of my website from like 1997. It totally sucks:

You're almost exactly right about the cremation bunker. In the 60s the old barracks on Japonski (now Edgecumbe school) were a Tuberculosis Hospital. They didn't know much about how TB spread, so when people died they buried them in concrete caskets inside that bunker and a couple others (one is at the Coastie base on the other end of the island, and a couple more are paved under the runway). The mausoleum bunkers were sealed up until a couple years ago when they pulled the coffins out and sent them back to their home villages/towns).

There are some bunkers up Cascade Creek road that have been turned into houses.

There's also two more base/bunker complexes with as many structures as the Causeway, one over on Kruzoff island and another out on Biorka island. Get a boat, I hear there's some cool stuff left at some of those.

The Halibut Point mine is allright, but there are a bunch more out in Silver Bay just past the Green Lake hydro plant. You used to only be able to drive as far as the Blue Lake plant (old pulp mill), so you might want a bike or boat to get further. Then you have to hike around in the woods to find the mines. Old topo maps help.

Speaking of the pulp mill, is anything left of that? It had some drains I never got in, and the buildings looked awesome when it was active. There was a large abandoned water treatment plant up above the hydro plant, it's basically wide open and had tons of underground tunnels and chambers. Probably even a connection to the main water tunnel up to Blue Lake. I never fully explored it since I couldn't get anyone to go with me, and my cameras kept dying.

If you want some rumors to follow up on, here are the best ones I heard but never found:
-Japonski Island steam tunnels (I got in one that was basically 3ft high and sucked, but I know there are more).
-Underground hospital on Japonski Island, supposedly near the old subdivision that got torn down.
-Supplies and guns buried somewhere in Sitka. I've heard of people finding stuff like this, but supposedly there's a huge cache of leftovers that the military didn't bother to ship back south. I know the anti-ship cannons and a bunch of jeeps and planes basically got pushed off the end of the causeway and sank, it was cheaper than shipping it out. Talk to some local divers about that!

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UER Forum > Archived US: Pacific Northwest > old adventures in sitka (Viewed 455 times)

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