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UER Forum > Archived Old Forum Issues > The Current State of Affairs (Viewed 589 times)

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The Current State of Affairs
< on 4/5/2006 8:03 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
The Current State of Affairs - A Message from the Mods

Since its inception, UER played a major role in the lives of countless explorers all over the world. Many people visit the site near-daily and take great pleasure in the discussions that they have been a part of, the locations they have been privy to, and the friendships they have made as a result. Building this site and the global urban exploration community has been a labour of love for many people.

However, we have all been witness to a number of events on UER in the last few weeks which have both shaken and saddened us. We have seen the departure of a number of excellent members, as well as moderators. Now, we must all deal with Avatar-X’s decision to hand the reigns, and the future of the site, over to someone else. While it is most certainly a controversial decision, and has brought out many positive and negative feelings, it is one that has been made. The focus must now be on ensuring a good future for our little community and this site.

This is still Avatar-X’s building, but he has decided to hand the keys to us, the users. It is now our responsibility to make sure that we keep the place clean, the bills paid, and the doors locked. You’ve all been given a small stock in the future of UER. Whether this site will prosper or fail is now, for all intents and purposes, up to us. However, instead of taking on the responsibility, the whining and criticism has steadily mounted. So far, we’re not off to a very good start.

These elections are moving ahead, and the discussions going on in the private board, which are open to all members, have been, for the most part, extremely helpful. The voting will move ahead in whichever fashion is decided upon by you, the users. This is your chance to have a larger voice in how UER is operated. There are no more excuses. If anyone (This includes members of all levels, ex-members, moderators, ex-moderators, etc.) encounters resistance in participating in this process they should contact Chainsaw via the private board dedicated to the election discussion. If the disenfranchised individual does not have access to the private board or PM, or does not feel secure in publically discussing the matter, please email him directly at

It's going to be a long process to build our democracy but in the meantime, even during the course of debate about our future, we intend to continue to enforce the rules of conduct and decency that have served this community. The moderators have discussed the current state of affairs on UER, both amongst themselves and on the Admin board, and there are three main issues that need to be dealt with.

First off, if anyone has any concerns or problems regarding the administration of the UER in the coming weeks, we would like to request that those concerns be sent our way, instead of to Avatar-X. Unless it is a problem that only he can solve, there is absolutely no reason why the moderators cannot help you. Avatar-X doesn’t want to have to deal with those sorts of things anymore, there’s no reason why we can’t start now.

Secondly, all full membership requests have been temporarily halted. If you’re currently waiting to be approved or denied, your application will not be processed until after the elections are over, in an effort to prevent ballot stuffing. Messages will still appear asking members to review applications, and they are free to do so. All comments and suggestions will still be saved as usual, it's just that applications will not be approved or denied until this is all over with.

Finally, the bickering and in-fighting that has been going on within the site the last couple of weeks has served to only drive the community apart further. It has to stop. The rules around here did not end when Avatar-X made his announcement. Those who want to contribute to respectful discourse are more than welcome to do so. However, those who wish to continue acting like petulant children will be dealt with and/or removed by the moderators. We are all old enough to know better.

We are all here because of our love for urban exploration and the community surrounding it. Let’s all take a moment to re-align ourselves and get back on track. There’s absolutely no reason why these recent events should de-rail UER.

Thank you.

- Your moderating team.
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UER Forum > Archived Old Forum Issues > The Current State of Affairs (Viewed 589 times)

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