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UER Forum > Archived World > St. Petersburg Fall/Winter 2012 (Viewed 131 times)

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St. Petersburg Fall/Winter 2012
< on 12/31/2013 7:55 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I studied abroad in St. Petersburg last Fall at the Smolny Institute. There are more abandoned buildings there than you could dream, although potential homeless/addict inhabitants and risk of getting arrested as a foreigner are pretty big deterrents to entering many of them. Here are some of my favorite shots and buildings. С новым годом!

This building smelled absolutely awful. Homeless people and stray dogs probably used it as a restroom.
327731.jpg (142 kb, 800x457)
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I think this was at some point a bunch of ticket booths?
327732.jpg (80 kb, 800x425)
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One thing I loved about St. Pete was that there was so much more greenery in and on the abandoned stuff - don't see that in Colorado much.
327733.jpg (138 kb, 800x533)
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That's a "your ad here" sign in the top right.
327734.jpg (91 kb, 800x533)
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Not *strictly* abandoned - the Russian Ground Forces HQ was being remodelled and as far as we could tell very empty. That's me at the bottom.
327735.jpg (91 kb, 800x533)
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In the ancient city of Pskov south of St. Petersburg. Around 10 or 11 AM I think.
327736.jpg (76 kb, 800x533)
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Plaque in an abandoned Soviet hospital/medical school in Pskov that was sort of built into the bridge it was next to.
327737.jpg (58 kb, 385x600)
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Same place.
327738.jpg (93 kb, 800x533)
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Same place. The yellow text on top says 'freedom'.
327743.jpg (97 kb, 800x533)
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Right across from the hospital, but I didn't get a chance to explore it. It was full of middle school-aged kids while we were in the hospital.
327739.jpg (62 kb, 800x533)
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An old (~1800s if not late 1700s) grave plot in the middle of St. Petersburg.
327740.jpg (161 kb, 800x533)
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A danger unique to Russian urbex - stray dogs. The rottweiler at the front gave me a warning bark/lunge, and they followed me for longer than was at all comfortable. Did not feel welcome in this neighborhood at all.
327741.jpg (86 kb, 800x465)
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A run-down summer home next to where the dogs started following me. There was an 18th century-style mansion across the alley from this.
327742.jpg (104 kb, 800x507)
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Near where I lived - it looked interesting, but there were fresh footprints in the snow leading into it. Didn't feel like having my camera stolen.
327744.jpg (94 kb, 800x533)
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Park of the Fallen Monuments in Moscow - where a lot of Soviet monuments went after the fall. The place is vaguely maintained, but open and free to the public.
327745.jpg (102 kb, 800x533)
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A really weird building/complex next to the WWII museum in Moscow. I still can't figure out what the hell the building was used for. I would've gone in but I had a feeling someone was inside.
327746.jpg (71 kb, 800x533)
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Shot of the same complex - the tree was huge, but back in a public square near a metro stop.
327747.jpg (39 kb, 800x402)
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From my last day in St. Petersburg, near my apartment. It looked cool, but again there were fresh footprints leading into a pitch black thanks.
327748.jpg (88 kb, 800x533)
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The graffiti says "It's a beautiful city, St. Petersburg."
327749.jpg (88 kb, 800x437)
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Bad pic, good story. The two-story abandoned building boat in the moat surrounding the soccer stadium I lived next to is sinking here because a giant crane boat somehow messed up its anchor the week prior. It took several divers in VERY cold water and multiple firetrucks 60+ hours to fix the tilt, though I don't know why they did.
327750.jpg (39 kb, 720x405)
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Re: St. Petersburg Fall/Winter 2012
<Reply # 1 on 12/31/2013 11:46 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER Forum
I want to explore with you someday!
Thank you for sharing your shots of So'yet Russia's forgotten

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UER Forum > Archived World > St. Petersburg Fall/Winter 2012 (Viewed 131 times)

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