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my goal
entry by dirt 
10/30/2007 8:58 PM

Anyone who doesn't have the head up their own ass knows that this world is fucked up. Look on any news station, or better yet walk outside, you will see that mankind is falling apart. I cannot say with any honesty why things are like this. All I know is that I want out. Not suicide, not enlightenment, I just want out of the cycle. To not incarnate into another life again. I don't even speak of heaven and hell, as those are still conscious(as far as it is talked about). I want nothingness. I will do everything in my power to escape. This is my spiritual path.

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Oakland, CA
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Re: my goal
<Reply # 1 on 5/4/2008 9:09 AM >
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So I have come to realize in my journey, that to archive what I most desire, I need to trick the universe and myself. Reverse Psychology as it were. One cannot have what they one desires. Trying to escape this universe will not work as a goal. I'm just creating more unhappiness, and more Mind, so to speak. So how do I trick the universe? I need to live life as much as I can, instead of trying to escaping it. If I charge up the other pole of my goal, then I could possibly neutralize the goal. It is a very hard path to be on, but I think it is worth it.

I need to neutralize all of the basic energies, holding myself to this universe. And desire is a backwards step.

to quote Mabel Collins:

Kill out ambition

work as those work who are ambitious

He seemed to move among very delicate objects, on ground mined with goodness knows what precious explosives. ~ Jean Cocteau
Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > dirt > my goal(Viewed 1601 times)

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