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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > dirt > On the subject of dreams...(Viewed 1742 times)
On the subject of dreams...
entry by dirt 
5/6/2007 10:52 PM

For the longest time, I could not remember my dreams. It is said that dreams are a result of long-term memory. I have great long term memory, so why the memory lapse? Science is all well and fine. But I suspect that there is more going on. When I was 13(maybe 14) I was sleeping in class, and I woke from a terrible dream with a even more terrible feeling of anxiety. My dream was in fact not just a dream, what happened in the dream was actually happening albeit 10 miles away. For a long time after that, I couldn't sleep on a consistent basis. And the number of dreams I had/remembered were close to non-existant. Another point is that I have been fighting depression for a while now. While "in it" I don't remember my dreams. Every time I start to get a grip, they start to come back to me slowly. Then another terrible dream. Last night was another example of this process. So I'm beginning to wonder. What is my subconscious trying to say? On a side note, each of these dreams are situational. Meaning that the dreams themselves are not Recurring.

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Re: On the subject of dreams...
<Reply # 1 on 5/22/2008 2:27 PM >
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1) Still happening?
2) What was it (that happened)?

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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > dirt > On the subject of dreams...(Viewed 1742 times)

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