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DIY dplash guard
< on 8/10/2006 7:02 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
OK, I won't take credit for this idea as I saw it on another guys bike a few years ago. It's the part I've pointed to here, a fender running between the left and right sides of the rear triangles of the frame. Initial tests have shown a marked decrease in the crud collecting on my chainring and front dérailleur.
66830.jpg (49 kb, 600x450)
click to view

It was a part of a broken fender I found on a trail once, so I don't know what brand it is. In this application, I put the broken off end, the part that was attached to the original owners bike, towards the bottom. The other end of the fender is rounded over and smooth, so it'll go at the top where it's visible. I did also have to cut out a small portion of the fender sides to get it to fit properly in the frame. your bike may require more or less cutting to achieve a proper fit.

I added a metal (though apparently not stainless steel) 90° corner at the top cross bar. I used one of the water bottle cage bolts to mount the bracket to the frame, and a matching bolt and nut to attach the fender to the bracket. I put the bolt through from the bottom, to allow maximum clearance between the tire and the bolt head.
66833.jpg (52 kb, 600x450)
click to view

I use the other water bottle bracket bolt to attach the fender straight to the bottom cross bar. My Kona has these mounting points, but your bike may be different.
66832.jpg (59 kb, 600x450)
click to view

Hope it's explained enough and the pictures give enough detail. Sorry, cell phone is the only digital I have right now.

Anyone else have any home made mods like this?

:: inuk

Infiltration Forums > Private Boards Index > Bicycle Forum > DIY dplash guard(Viewed 1327 times)

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