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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Lost an Entrance(Viewed 2273 times)
Lost an Entrance
entry by toxictoaster 
9/6/2005 4:36 PM

It really sucks when this happens.

Sometime over the weekend we lost an entrance on the north side of campus. This entrance was very important as it allows us to explore campus, and was the main entry point for all of our missions to LBR.

We still have one other entry point located on the south side. Problem is, that in order for us to get to the north side of campus from the south, we would have to walk through a part of the tunnels that is undergoing reconstruction and is currently only covered by a tarp.

We don't know the current condition of the tunnels under that tarp. So we don't know what to expect. It also would take about 30 minutes at least to get from the south entrance all the way to the construction, to scout it out.

Two people have volunteered to scout this area out..but it doesn't really solve the problem. There are a limited amount of entrances on the north side of campus. The best one was the one that we were using. If we were going to go down to north side via the souther entrance it should be to find a new entrance. This would require an extended mission, most likely multiple hours in length.

Exit however, is possible and easy to do on the north side so that won't be a problem.

I am also considering ways of rigging the north entrance so that it appears locked but isn't.

I took the locking of the north entrance as a warning as well. I took the time the same night as i discovered the north entrance as being locked, to goto the south and secure it a lil more. I didn't want workers to see the chains as being as loose as they are, and decide to tighten them. So i did it for them. I made them tight enough to look tight...but not too much as to prohibit me from sticking my hand through the gap and unlocking the chain. South side lives on...the first entrance i staying faithful.

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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Lost an Entrance(Viewed 2273 times)

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