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UNB Security
entry by toxictoaster 
9/1/2005 4:30 PM

Over the last five weeks, there has been over 20 trips made into the campus tunnel system. Most of these trips actually began on campus through either a vent or a door. It's actually may come as quite a surprise that we never got caught going into this restricted area, by UNB security. Our ability to 'evade' UNB security comes mainly from our experience. Here are some tips.

1) UNB Security closes campus (locks all building doors) between 10pm and 1130pm. This means that 10pm is quite possibly the time that is associated with the most risk, in entry into the tunnel system. Entering any earlier then 10, and you risk running into janitors that are in the basements of buildings. However, if you target a 1130 entry, you'll notice that campus security is basicly not to be seen.

2) UNB Security has men stationed in certain buildings. One guard can usually be found in EITHER (but usually not both) UNB Residence Admin Building and the SUB Blue Room. There is also a security guard stationed at Head Hall, in a small room to the right of the entrance.

3)UNB Security HQ, which is in the basement of the Woo Center.

Some good things to keep in mind.

1) Walkie Talkies or the big brother the FRS are good for keeping in contact with someone who is above ground. Having a person above ground is a good precautionary measure, as they can relate to via the FRS when it is clear to enter or exit the tunnels, the whereabouts of security, as well as your own whereabouts.

When using FRS's or walkie talkies, make sure that they are turned off or turned to a different channel when you are within earshot of anyone you don't know. You don't want people alerting security of suspecious behavior, or have security hear you talking to people on an FRS, as they may think that is abnormal behavior and question you about it.

Also keep in mind that at times you may come across 'cross-chatter' on the FRS. IN this event communicate with your other party, and tell them to change channels. We have thought it useful to have a plan on which channel to switch to , in the case of cross chatter. IE start on channel 14, and if there is cross-chatter switch to 1, then to 13, then to 2, and so on.

2) After talking to a security guard a year ago, i found out that UNB Security is not permitted into the the tunnel system for safety reasons. This does not mean that they aren't allowed into basements that intersect the tunnels. Keep this in mind.

3) Pay attention to how loud you are speaking near vents, as people may be able to hear you.

Bailey By a Campus Security Truck

41818.jpg (55 kb, 530x487)
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Keys in back of the Security Truck (oh how i wish...)

41819.jpg (41 kb, 455x399)
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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > UNB Security(Viewed 3007 times)

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