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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Exploring the Crawl Tunnels(Viewed 2078 times)
Exploring the Crawl Tunnels
entry by toxictoaster 
8/29/2005 9:53 PM

The mission for tonight involves exploring the crawl tunnels that begin at the Alumni Building and head east. These tunnels are extremely cramped and are known by the CHP, as "Confined Spaces". This exploration has to possibility of being more physically demanding then prior explorations due to the size of the crawl tunnels.

We also don't know how far the crawling portion of this section of tunnels will may just be around the alumni building or may stretch throughout the rest of campus, providing a link to the mysterious east side.

Either way, tonight is going to should at least lead us to McConnel.

It's a lil rainy out today, so we might not be able to get a person to stand guard for us, and to be a contact above ground.

On a personal note, im a lil nervous this time. My emergency exits are unknown or might not even exist. Having Baily with me should be a help...and hopefully aitken will join us.

I will check in later and tell you how it all went.

This is how i see it going down. I don't usually share maps, and don't plan on sharing much more until im a full member, but here we go...

The Exploration
The Crawl tunnel exploration, was the most brutal/hardcore exploration yet. On our hands and knees, in a low oxygen enviroment, we more or less explored the crawl tunnel to find, that all it did was go around in a basicly a figure eight ( 8 ) pattern. It didn't go any farther then the alumni buildings. The only remote point of interest was that there was a ladder that seemed to go up to some metal covering, we didn't know quite where that metal covering lead.

After exploring we ruled out the idea that the crawl tunnels infact went to Mc Connel. However, after returning and looking over the photos we realized that there was a sign that indicated that the crawl tunnels did infact goto Mc Connel. We then deduced that the ladder that went up, must have lead to another set of tunnels, that inturn lead to Mc Connel and possibly the rest of campus.
This was a big disappointment, as we would rather not go back and check...yet our wonder of what likes beyond that grate will at some point get the better of us a beg us to explore it.

Theory map (actual map to be posted after exploration)
41705.jpg (30 kb, 406x329)
click to view

Warning Sign

McConnel This way (towards crawl tunnel)

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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Exploring the Crawl Tunnels(Viewed 2078 times)

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