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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Operation: LBR(Viewed 1912 times)
Operation: LBR
entry by toxictoaster 
8/27/2005 6:17 AM

Tonight marked our second attempt at trying to get into the LBR tunnel. We are hoping that the tunnel that goes into LBR will provide us with a link to the Fredericton Tunnel System. LBR is the oldest residence on campus, and the oldest COED residence in Canada. We think that if it's the oldest residence that it would increase the probability that the FTS (fredericton tunnel system) is connected to it.

Campus security was a more then a little busy tonight. Students were out partying, their cries and whoops could be heard everywhere. 'Bailey' and 'Aitken' went in together. I must say that I think that they really make a good team, Bailey's brashness, and Aitken know-how, really complement each other. I, Tilley, and Harrison, decided to stay up top this time, and keep in radio contact with Aitken and Bailey.

Aitken and Bailey got in through the Memorial entrance, and made their way up to Toole Hall branch to check out that area, they discovered a crawl tunnel, and explored it along with the carleton Hall Tunnel. Around this point Harrison, decided he was sleepy and went home, leaving me to be the eyes and ears above ground for the boys.

We made our way down to LBR, losing radio contact briefly. I stood guard outside Head Hall, security went by twice, but a friendly 'hello' was the limit to their investigation as to why i was hanging out outside Head Hall around 130am.

Aitken, and Bailey, didn't manage to get the door open, but will agreed to try again at a later date.

Here's a pic of the area near where Aitken and SUB where working by LBR.

41589.jpg (55 kb, 600x490)
click to view

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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > Stories from the Fredericton Underground > Operation: LBR(Viewed 1912 times)

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