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BC, Canada
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From sunnier times
< on 5/3/2020 4:25 AM >
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black box by . DNG, on Flickr

wall box by . DNG, on Flickr

gold box by . DNG, on Flickr

triple shadow by . DNG, on Flickr

long hall by . DNG, on Flickr

light pour through by . DNG, on Flickr

light box by . DNG, on Flickr

cool door by . DNG, on Flickr

bedroom decal by . DNG, on Flickr

Study by . DNG, on Flickr

kitchen by . DNG, on Flickr

big upstairs window by . DNG, on Flickr

red window by . DNG, on Flickr

attic back by . DNG, on Flickr

overtaken by . DNG, on Flickr

A neat little place from last summer. One of the owner was kind enough to give me a tour. Her and her family were originally from Latvia. They moved to Canada and raised their kids in BC. They own a company that specializes in preserving/reconstructing heritage buildings and they fought to have this building granted status. Despite being in their early 70s, the parents and their adult kids are doing all the labor for the reno themselves while they wait for the city to approve their zoning permit.

The building was built in 1927 as a mixed used commercial/residential lot. The frame of the house was built from a couple of different salvaged ferries. The original owner sold it to a young immigrant couple, who moved into the building. The couple couldn't afford to run the store portion, so the husband worked as a shoe repairman. The couple started the store portion as a small confectionery, in 1939, selling homemade candies and ice cream. Eventually, as the area became busier, the store started to stock essentials to feed the surrounding area, and then expanded to include a soda fountain area. A small post office was added in 1944. The couple operated the store until 1969, until they sold it off and moved to a nearby suburb. The store continued to pass from one family member to another, falling into disrepair, until the current owners purchased it.

The owners told me they want to reopen the building as a corner store. They also want to open the space up for local artisans and farmers to sell their wares. I really hope they do, as it would be nice for the community.

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Re: From sunnier times
<Reply # 1 on 5/4/2020 1:06 AM >
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I hope the building gets the love it deserves; it looks like it has nice potential. It's always great to hear a story about an old building that doesn't end in demolition.

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Infiltration Forums > Canada: Alberta / BC > From sunnier times(Viewed 202 times)

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