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Infiltration Forums > US: Northeast > Nuclear Power Plant(Viewed 1610 times)
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Let's Go Islanders!
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Re: Nuclear Power Plant
<Reply # 20 on 9/15/2019 4:17 AM >
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Posted by Wilbur

I was over there last week or so, it’s been locked up pretty good. All the doors are either welded, barred up, and/or both. I’m gonna try again soon though. There is always a way in haha.

You ever go back? I found the place to be impenetrable, and for good reason I suppose. I found one spot that was maybe possible, but there was a certain obstacle in the way :/.

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Long Island, NY
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Re: Nuclear Power Plant
<Reply # 21 on 1/11/2020 6:43 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Tried a second time. It's a no-go. I think with attention from YouTube, they're taking security much more seriously.

Within the past year, they put up posts with lights and cameras around the whole building. So all points of entry are on video. They are definitely active cameras as the wireless bridges above them were flashing to indicate network transfer.

We also saw a white security truck with flashing orange lights, even in the middle of the night in January. Also worth noting that the whole building is fenced in by multiple fences, and they're constantly repairing any holes in the fence.

Pics of cameras:

Infiltration Forums > US: Northeast > Nuclear Power Plant(Viewed 1610 times)
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