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Infiltration Forums > US: Northeast > Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)(Viewed 997 times)
DescentOnARope location:
Long Island, New York
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Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
< on 10/12/2018 2:20 AM >
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Last year I made a thread for this derelict fitness and recreation center overlooking the Peconic Bay. Having first spotted this small building on a drive past several years ago, it surprised me as a hidden gem of a location. Its future now uncertain, I'm making this thread as a documentation of its state from three visits over the past year.

I discovered not long after my first visit that this outdoor pool was once an indoor pool.

It also had its own dock, presumably for use by the Scuba club. Destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.

Looks like the sign is an indicator of how high the building floods.

Just when we thought we'd seen everything, I pushed open a door at the back to find a big gym, with divisions for racquet courts and locket areas. Too dark to get many pictures, unfortunately.

The daycare tucked away in a back room was pretty creepy. Made even weirder by the fact that we'd all walked right past the door on the first two visits. I didn't even know we'd missed something until months later, when I noticed the door on the right of the following picture.

So that's it for this place. Though plans have allegedly been set in stone for the property since 2016, so far nothing has gone forward. The latest plan I've heard involves keeping the main structure, which would certainly be interesting to see. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoyed taking a look. If you want to seek it out yourself, it's visible for full members on the DB.

GoPro Walkthrough

lgriff location:
Rhode Island
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Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 1 on 10/12/2018 8:58 PM >
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So cool, but so sad to see how far gone it is. That pool was so beautiful before.

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TheDrummer location:
Southern Tier, NY
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Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 2 on 10/15/2018 8:48 PM >
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Wow! Very cool set. Thanks for including the "before" picture on the pool. Really puts things into perspective.

We're all just trying to feel a little less dead inside.
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Mission Control
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Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 3 on 10/15/2018 8:56 PM >
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Wait? No free weights in that "fitness" room?
What the cardiovascular is up with that?

Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in.
Alpine7840   |  | 
Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 4 on 10/16/2018 2:01 PM >
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Awesome set, thank you for sharing it.

Mazotes location:
Let's Go Islanders!
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Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 5 on 1/10/2020 10:34 PM >
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Years later, still up haha

436777.jpg (97 kb, 1244x829)
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UrbanDK location:
Location: Location:
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Re: Hangman's Wellness Center (Compilation)
<Reply # 6 on 1/11/2020 2:12 AM >
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Pools are the best. Weird to think that this place didn't have a basketball court or anything like that.

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