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KD20 location:
Northeast Ohio
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Rural Spider School
< on 6/29/2018 3:50 AM >
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Completed in 1920, this South Carolina school was named for a local farmer who perished in World War I. Originally, it was a high school for rural students that focused on agriculture as well as more typical academics. There were eight classrooms plus labs for agricultural studies, sciences, and home economics as well as a 700-seat auditorium. The school also had its own farm run by agricultural students. In 1951, it was consolidated into the local school district and at some point became a middle school. It closed in 1985 when all students in the district were organized into one new building.

Today, the school sits isolated along a little-traveled road just south of the North Carolina state line. There are a couple of houses around and one of school complex's former buildings has been reorganized as a church. Next to the school is a small, unmarked cemetery that is at least minimally maintained. The school property itself is entirely overgrown and the two-story school is wide open, leaving the interior exposed to weather and animals. Inside, the floors are weak in places and one classroom and stairwell have collapsed, not to mention the entire auditorium in which the roof is now in the basement. Classrooms are coated in a variety of colors, the paint now dulled by years of disuse and defaced by callow graffiti. The boys' bathroom in the basement has become home to a colony of big brown spiders.

IMG_0272 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0323 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0274 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0276 by KMD1720, on Flickr

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IMG_0296 by KMD1720, on Flickr

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IMG_0311 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0313 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0317 by KMD1720, on Flickr

IMG_0321 by KMD1720, on Flickr
Mr. Bitey location:
Milwaukee, WI
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Re: Rural Spider School
<Reply # 1 on 6/29/2018 12:52 PM >
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The front steps to this place is just gorgeous - too bad it is such a wreck inside and probably beyond saving. I am not sure what attracts me to it, but I love the wooden bead board stalls too. Nice pics - thanks for sharing!

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Give abandonment a reason for its sacrificial reclamation to nature. Love it. Remember it. Take a picture. Share it. Leave the decay to nature.

Lifetime member of The Anti-MyInstaTubeTweetFace consortium.
edsel location:
Under your skin
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Re: Rural Spider School
<Reply # 2 on 6/29/2018 3:28 PM >
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Nice man ! Reminds me of the schools I explored in North Dakota
YotaMan20 location:
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Re: Rural Spider School
<Reply # 3 on 6/29/2018 6:33 PM >
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Such a beautiful disaster

Let's Go Places
Makeshift Mickey   |  | 
Re: Rural Spider School
<Reply # 4 on 6/30/2018 8:59 PM >
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I really enjoyed the entrance shot to this place. Exploring rural abandoned schools has always been one of my favorite experiences in this hobby. It's almost always very peaceful and often there's some nice scenery to pair with the abandoned place. Enjoyed the read and the set, nice job!

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