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Infiltration Forums > US: Mid-Atlantic > Trailer in the woods(Viewed 728 times)
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Trailer in the woods
< on 11/13/2017 3:37 AM >
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Abandoned trailer near me just off the road. Well hidden by foliage and not well known so it's an easy approach.

Front walkway. Bench was still in place, oddly enough.

Chair creeping in this clearing. there were a lot of these here.

Front approach. Windows were all covered up (presumably to prevent looters from seeing whatever is inside)

Shed that smelled like crap and a dead thing. Outhouse maybe?

Weird cot-hospital bed thing. Not quite sure what it was.

Bunch of abandoned barns, sheds, etc. out back. All were used for drugs until somebody came by a few months ago to rob the dealers and was killed. The whole operation went bust (obviously) and now it's all abandoned, but I didn't feel like going over there.

Also sorry for potato quality, iPhones aren't that amazing...

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Re: Trailer in the woods
<Reply # 1 on 11/13/2017 3:38 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
As well as the images being flipped. It's because when you hold the phone vertically, it thinks it's being held sideways when you upload it. Will take notes for the future. Sorry for breaking somebody's neck.

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Infiltration Forums > US: Mid-Atlantic > Trailer in the woods(Viewed 728 times)

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