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Infiltration Forums > World > Future supermarket - Busuanga Island, Philippines.(Viewed 1926 times)
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Future supermarket - Busuanga Island, Philippines.
< on 10/28/2017 4:12 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Safe guys,

I'm stuck on an island in the Philippines due to the typhoons so it seemed as good a time as any to sort my other photos from here.

After the disappointment that followed in Nepal and missing the Himal cement factory by a matter of weeks after it had stood unused for 15 years (if you want to see why, there is a link here: http://your-photog...factory-kathmandu/ ) I had some better luck in the beginning of the Philippines after finding a derelict set of buildings on the island of Basuanga. They were a collection of former private dwellings and hotels that have been purchased for an obscene amount of money even by western standards to be turned into a large supermarket and after having stood idle while bureaucracy took it's course they had begun demolition. With no heavy machinery and just labourers on site - progress has been slow going.

You've got to be a little careful in the Philippines - you only need to go around the airports, government buildings etc to see people here are security mad and a bit on edge with what has happened in the last 12 months. So I strolled up to the security guys watching John Wick on a laptop in the rubble with a big smile to see if they'd let me take some shots. They looked real confused, shrugged their shoulders and waved me in.

One guy followed me and was curious about what I was doing. So I took the time to show him what it was and he responded by escorting me round the complex talking about what as happening here and comparing the life between the Philippines and Europe.

The site was largely rubble now and most of what remained was the concrete pillars that formed the skeleton of the buildings but I was able to isolate a few features and otherwise focus on different textures. Still, in a place more renowned for turquoise seas, white sands and coral reefs, I'll take it.

Pictures are below. If anyone has any constructive comments on anything from composition I'm always keen to improve. I edit with VSCO and don't have access to Lightroom.

Most of these will be going on my Instagram gallery @derelictxdreams if anyone feels remotely obliged to check it out - it's still only a week or two old so give it some time.


Infiltration Forums > World > Future supermarket - Busuanga Island, Philippines.(Viewed 1926 times)

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