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Infiltration Forums > World > The DIY Hoarder, Brisbane AUS(Viewed 1150 times)
Voodooz location:
Brisbane, Australia
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The DIY Hoarder, Brisbane AUS
< on 7/1/2016 8:25 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
This abandoned hoarders house hidden in Brisbane, Queensland Australia was filled with rubbish, lots of building materials and termites eating below.

From wooden doors, to metal frames this abandoned hoarders house was filled with DIY building materials in every room!
Hoarders Storage by VooDooz, on Flickr

Hundreds of cardboard boxes, and bits of paper where littered throughout this old home, meaning for a serious adventure!
Caved in Rubbish! by VooDooz, on Flickr

The single bedroom upon the side of the home, appears to home for cardboard boxes and all other sorts of rubbish!
Room For One by VooDooz, on Flickr

The abandoned bathroom, was due for a clean! Dirty towels, clothes, and more rubbish was lying across the termite eaten, bowing floor boards!
Time For A Clean by VooDooz, on Flickr

Beneath the house, hundreds of building materials sat decaying! This abandoned bleach box was sitting in the western corner, on- top of an old, brick oven!
Sno Wite by VooDooz, on Flickr

The side room, was littered with old tiles, mild cheese and even more building materials!.. Cardboard boxes where littered everywhere throughout this abandoned home.
Tile Cushion by VooDooz, on Flickr

The "DIY Hoarders" pantry was filled with rubbish, about a meters deep worth. Spices, cookies and even cement solvents where tucked away on the shelves.
Rubbish Pantry by VooDooz, on Flickr


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Infiltration Forums > World > The DIY Hoarder, Brisbane AUS(Viewed 1150 times)

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