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Infiltration Forums > World > Exploration in Nassau, Bahamas (no pics, just story)(Viewed 983 times)
enirus location:
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Exploration in Nassau, Bahamas (no pics, just story)
< on 5/25/2015 2:46 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
On arriving (and before) to Nassau we were set on not partaking in any of the tourist stuff or getting the same t shirt and collectibles we could from the same company in Myrtle, California, Hawaii, or any other tourist trap.
So, the first thing we did after we got off the cruise was head straight into the island. We jumped a couple fences, asked if we wanted to buy some 'smokes' by a guy with a predatory demeanor. All the while noticing the condition of the buildings around us getting more and more poverty stricken.
After a while of walking we really got a feel of the place from walking past two friendly looking gentleen, one of which carrying a large metal pipe (not for smoking) and scoffing at us in a way that meant "the fuck are you doing better". Shortly afterwards we were approached by a guy named Patrick who started to warn us, saying if we went any farther we would run into serious problems. After warning is about how dangerous the area is he offers to tour us and say "you take care of me n I take care of you" while taking us down a ghetto back alley. We explained that we didn't have money and his mood changed and told us that we needed to get out of there.
Once back to a relatively safe place in comparison we told a couple restaurant owners what happened, they approved of us going and seeing the real Nassau instead of the fake tourist stuff but said it would have been a bad idea to go any father without a local or on public transportation.
Would've got pictures if I didn't think my phone/camera would get stolen.
TL;DR: went to third world ghetto hidden behind tourism and got warned to gtfo.

My friend manhandled me up a roof once.
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Re: Exploration in Nassau, Bahamas (no pics, just story)
<Reply # 1 on 5/31/2015 4:32 PM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Some of those places are crazy. I was using google maps in rio and came across this kid who looked about 14-15 and he had a handgun in his hand and another in his front waist of his shorts (Drop google streets at -22.927379, -43.196202)

It's daring to go into places like that and if I was to attempt the same there aren't many people I know who I'd want to put in the same predicament.

Infiltration Forums > World > Exploration in Nassau, Bahamas (no pics, just story)(Viewed 983 times)

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