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4th of July
entry by xrahy 
7/5/2004 9:19 PM

So we decided to have a party again this year. We usually do; one of the city fireworks displays is right by us and it's a good excuse to get together with our friends old and new.
I spent most of the weekend doing things like mowing the grass, setting up tarps and tents, tables and chairs, cleaning the house etc. Here's the back yard pre-party:
21795.jpg (81 kb, 640x480)
click to view

People began to arrive, bringing all kinds of good food and drink:
21796.jpg (71 kb, 640x480)
click to view

Later I decided to climb on the roof to take some shots from a differnt vantage point:
21797.jpg (36 kb, 640x480)
click to view

We gathered out in the field across the street to watch the fireworks, damn that streetlight is annoying:
21798.jpg (66 kb, 640x480)
click to view

I did not do a good job taking pictures of the fireworks, I was fairly drunk by that time:
21799.jpg (55 kb, 640x480)
click to view

Spent the rest of the evening talking and drinking and smoking way too many cigarettes. One of the more interesting conversations was with a friend who works with GWAR doing set and costume design, they may be doing some video shoots in a couple derelict/abandoned buildings around here, I look forward to shooting some pics of that if/when it occurs.
I also learned of another expansive tunnel system with an outfall right near my house that I shall go check out in the next few days. It sounds impressive, old red brick and all. More info on that later.

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Portland, Or
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Re: 4th of July
<Reply # 1 on 1/10/2005 5:58 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
I'm kinda late on reading up in your journal, but whatever happened with the Gwar stuff?

"Dallas is a magnificent and wide open city, and I'm deeply envious of any urban explorers who have the good fortune to live there." -Ninj.
Noble Donor
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Re: 4th of July
<Reply # 2 on 1/10/2005 11:26 AM >
Posted on Forum: UER ForumQuote
Well apparently there was so much interest in this photo shoot, they decided to do it in secret. so I missed it.

Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > ... > 4th of July(Viewed 1349 times)

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