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Fun at work
entry by xrahy 
6/25/2004 4:49 PM

As I'm getting ready to head out the door to grab some lunch, one of the girls walks in my office looking a little shook up. "Wow" she says, "I've never seen the boss yell all mad like that." I ask what's going on, she dosen't really know. Then I look out my office door and see several people all kind of peeking around the corner, walking with that slow careful oh shit what's going on walk. I head out to see what's up.
Out in the parking lot there's an employee cursing and screaming obscenities at the boss and everyone else around...Looks like he is leaving on bad terms...another girl is trying to calm him down, but he's all "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YOU, FUCK ALL of YOU MOTHERFUCKERS" In the meantime someone has called the police. As I walk up to his truck (he is now sitting in there with the engine revving, still screaming) I'm thinking he's gonna ram the building or the bosses car or something crazy. I let him know the police are on the way, and he should calmly drive away before they get here.. After a few more "FUCK YOU's and FUCK THIS and THAT" he does leave and quite calmly I might add.

It turns out the boss asked him to take a drug test.

Now we have a security guard standing out front. And I've been told to immediately call the police if he shows up on any of our jobs...

Hopefully he just goes home, mellows out on some nice reefer, and looks for a new job.

*when I got back to the office this afternoon, the security guard was actually sleeping in a chair*

[last edit 6/26/2004 12:00 PM by xrahy - edited 2 times]
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Infiltration Forums > Journal Index > ... > Fun at work(Viewed 1014 times)

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