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UER Forum > Journal Index > Memoirs of the Cave Clan > The Cave Clan in Sydney (Viewed 5034 times)
The Cave Clan in Sydney
entry by Doug 
9/19/2005 8:41 AM


When members of the Cave Clan first decided to expand the obvious place to do so was Sydney.

On September 9, 1989, Rusco, Knightstalker, Doug and Woody jumped on a bus and headed towards New South Wales.

At the Goulburn stopover a little pumping station cavity was found and visited over the next 6 or 7 visits. If only they knew that the rather impressive Goulburn Darkie was also waiting to be discovered only 2k away.

September 10, '89.
The first Cave Clan members step on Sydney soil.

Acting on a bad tip they headed out to Duck Creek and Duck River and walked from one end to the other finding half a dozen drains that were not added to the list due to their low standard. The best of the lot was Duck River Darkie (originally named 'Fuck River').

Later that night Rushcutters Bay was explored. The next day Doug and Rusco went and found the rather average Trumper Park (renamed on known.doc).

The following day Shea's Creek and the Pumping Station were discovered and explored.

The following day the four found Charity Creek. Woody returned to Melbourne and the other three discovered and explored Cook River and Strathfield.

The whole time as they were searching and exploring they were leaving messages in tunnels and stickers with contact details.

They left Sydney feeling very disappointed having not found a decent drain and having walked dozens of kilometres along canals.


"The expo started off when Woody, Sloth, Wes, Rusco, Mad Rat & Dougo revisited Rushcutters Bay on the 9th of June, 1990, 9 months since originally doing it, only to find the message bag they left on the first visit still there! Sydney drain exploring is dead!"
Excerpt from Il Draino #6.

On this short Sydney expo another four worthy drains were found. Crashout, The Loaf, Sydney Darkie and Darling Harbour.

Things were not looking good in Sydney for the Clan.

A quick successful visit through Sydney sees Critt and Gobledox succeed in finding a decent Sydney drain during October 1990.

May 1st, 1991, saw a few more new drains found and explored using Rusco's trusty "rubber canoe". Blackwattle Bay, Rick's Tomb among a few other flooded harbour drains kept Gilligan, Dougo, Knightstalker, Canadian Rick and Wes happier than past visits. The short expo was finished by the boat blowing up and everyone having to swim to the shore and walk dripping wet through Sydney with blood dripping off of their arms (scratches from barnacles from the pillars under Woolloomooloo Pier).

But frustration was setting in as the sticking up of thousands of stickers on each expo wasn't working in gaining local members.

Little did the Cave Clan know they were soon about to get a very important letter.

I saw your sticker in a drain in Blakehurst.
I've written to you with a certain amount of scepticism, but what the hell, it's only 43c. Yeah, send me some info on the Cave Clan. My address is on the back of the envelope: I include a copy of an article I wrote for the Union Recorder (at Sydney Uni) last year on drain riding. Hope it interests you.

Is this a psychology experiment to see if people are crazy enough to answer this sort of stuff?

Mike Carlton.

After making contact with the now infamous Predator, his keenness encouraged some people from Melbourne to make yet another journey north.

This time new Melbourne member Matt Shades Of Green took SLoTH, Dougo, Flert & Big Ug up to Sydney to show them some of the locations he had done whilst growing up in Sydney. Hyde Park Bomb Shelters & Lake St James (part of St James), Sydney Slide, and army tunnels and bunkers on the heads.

Predator joined us for most of the expo and it obvious that he was extremely keen.

Predator took us to a drain (Predator's Tomb) and spoke of starting a Sydney branch of the Cave Clan.

The Cave Clan in Sydney had landed!

Sydney quickly gained new members with Diode and Mullet joining within the next 6 months.

The three kept the Clan going despite differences with certain other members in the Cave Clan about the direction it should go.

Over the next few years members came and went, but the trio kept on going strong and finding new locations and other branches of the Clan kept visiting Sydney.

Tragedy befell Cave Clan in May 1995. Predator wrote in Il Draino #29:

Sydney has been devastated with the news of the death of one of its hardcore members... the mighty Mullet. He was climbing the fifth highest mountain in the world in mid May, Nepal's Makalu. He's said to have made the summit and fallen during the descent from the peak.

Discoverer of Transgrinder and Surprise, the legendary operator of Mullet's Melbourne Tours; I had accompanied him on his final Melbourne blitz during the second week of February 1995. He appeared on the cover of Il Draino #25 (Sydney edition), was often seen liloing down the flooded tunnels of Sydney's underground.

Cave Clan dims their torches. He was 34 and is survived by his wife.

The last Melbourne drain he did was Donaldson Creek and his last Sydney drain was the massive Fortress.

We are saddened that he decided to become a Drain God at this critical time in the Cave Clan's Sydney history. We'll miss ya' ~ watch over us from the big drain in the sky.

A small service was held at Fortress in Fortress at the main shaft at 8pm on the 6th of June, 1995. Cheap champagne was drunk, candles burnt and a mural painted.

Diode was the original author of Known.Doc. A complete list of all items explored by the Cave Clan in Sydney. The job of editing the document was passed on to other members along the way (who? Siolo... others?) and has been in the hands of dTrog for the last few years. Known.Doc's title is quite misleading as it probably should be known as Known.Tome.

Predator also penned his APPROACH DOC that has only dated slightly in the last ten years. It is a useful guide for all new explorers.


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UER Forum > Journal Index > Memoirs of the Cave Clan > The Cave Clan in Sydney (Viewed 5034 times)

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