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UER Forum > Journal Index > Slim Jim's mission logs > Kansas City again: More scouting fun (Viewed 1838 times)
Kansas City again: More scouting fun
entry by Slim Jim 
11/11/2004 12:21 AM

Again, I'm behind on posting here. A couple weeks ago, I went back to KC. Friday night I met PAWolf, and we went back to the area that I had already earmarked as a mecca of abandonments (see the last post). We were walking over to the castle but even before getting there we stumbled upon an entire abandoned storefront which included a small hotel. It was accessible, so we climbed around on the roof, and went between the various storefronts using back hallways. Then we went over to the castle, and to my surprise, the inside was empty! Interior walls were standing, but all the floors were missing. You could climb up through windows to get between the different rooms on the only level with a floor - the basement. Sadly, there was no way to climb up either tower, and even if there had been, all the floors were missing except for some crossmembers in the bigger tower and the roof.

Saturday, I met a group of 7 or 8 local explorers, most of whom I hadn't met yet. Very cool people. We went back to the neighborhood near the castle, and explored the YMCA (very cool - basement is a maze, and the roof is accessible), one building of the bible college, a smaller building that had a strange jail-like area inside it, and one of two identical long stone buildings across the street from the castle. Then half the group left, and we explored the castle again. Later on, we went over to a good-sized abandoned hotel I had discovered, only to find that it was gutted and about ready for demolition. Wasn't too exciting. After that, we checked out a drain that I thought would take us under Union Station, where there are known to be tunnels, but no entrance is currently known. Sadly, a block up the tunnel, both of the 2 main tunnels ended at flood gates. This place was just a sewer overflow! Apparently KC has combined storm and sanitary sewers. So much for that idea.

I'm cross-posting the rest of this from a private board, so others can view it if they're interested.

On Sunday I went out scouting on the east side, downtown, and in KCK. Found a few pretty good locations, most of all two tall abandoned buildings right smack in the middle of downtown. Unfortunately, both checked secure, but..........just maybe......

Secure but reasonably large school. Interesting abandoned pedestrian tunnel forms an X under the intersection.
28624.jpg (37 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Ya know, I don't even remember what this was or where it was at. I think there were construction workers present, and it was on a north-south arterial, but for the life of me I don't remember where:
28625.jpg (48 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Tall downtown abandoned building #1 (Woo Hoo!):
28626.jpg (58 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Tall downtown abandoned building #2:
28627.jpg (54 kb, 500x375)
click to view

This half of Union Bus Terminal appears disused. Perhaps there is a connection from the used half?
28628.jpg (48 kb, 500x375)
click to view

ANOTHER abandoned downtown building! Looks interesting, I didn't scout the part that wasn't surrounded by a board fence:
28629.jpg (52 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Westport vacant apartments:
28630.jpg (42 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Ooooh check out this old house:
28631.jpg (49 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Too bad there's nowhere inconspicuous to park nearby and all the neighbors can see you cross the front lawn. There is woods behind, but lots of houses here and there in the woods, and I don't think there's anywhere inconspicuous you could enter those woods from. Will have to check the map. Even if there were, it would be quite the hike up and downhill through the underbrush.

This grain elevator had two UPS delivery slips from a few weeks ago on the locked front gate. Apparently nobody of authority has been there recently. Vacant???
28632.jpg (24 kb, 500x375)
click to view

Old people's home, vacant and for sale. Wanna pool our money together and buy it?? This place is basically secure, but I do believe we have a very unique entrance if we can find a way of climbing up a ~7 foot wall. Bad news: There's a fence to an alley right next to said potential entrance, and when I walked back to the car (on the grounds), a man who was probably a neighbor was standing across the fence, feet away from where I had been, staring at me funnily. So this might have to be a night op.
28639.jpg (42 kb, 500x375)
click to view

edit: Oops. posted wrong pic. But if you did catch that first pic, it might give you a hint where the entrance was.

"Nobody gonna call the po-lice on you" if you explore this school, in KCK. But you might have to help the elderly lady in a wheelchair who lives across the street off of her porch. I was just driving by scouting but she yelled at me and got me to stop and help her off the porch. Very friendly, but it was almost impossible to communicate with her because she wouldn't stop talking, and what she was saying was mostly comprised of telling me the same things over and over again. Her mom had gone to school there when she was 9, and she had gone to school there too. In talking with her, I basically got convinced that I was going to explore the place right there on the spot. So I did. Very interesting inside too, large auditorium with balcony. The lady thought there was a hole in a door that I could climb through, but it was blocked off. Then, when I walked around the corner, I found that the breezeway between the main building and the annex had been demolished, leaving a wide open entry into both buildings! It might not last long, so go there while you can.
28634.jpg (46 kb, 500x375)
click to view

The great view from the roof of the school, which is prominently visible from the Fairfax district down on the plains.
28635.jpg (39 kb, 500x375)
click to view

On the way back, I stopped at Pattonsburg, MO, on 35 north. Asylunt mentioned this flooded out town in another thread. There are about 3 houses still lived in, apparently from people who refused to leave, and about 3 abandoned houses or small buildings scattered around the grid of streets that still exists. This small church was the only one worth mentioning:
28636.jpg (39 kb, 500x375)
click to view

There are close by neighbors who are probably nosy, since very few people come by there and their town is probably a tourist spot of sorts these days, so it might be risky. Kinda like rural Ah-Wah UE - you have to be sure that nobody sees you, because if anybody does, they'll probably call the cops on you. Wisconsin is different, the drunk guy that lives in front of the Neda mine did about the opposite and asked if we wanted to park in his driveway so my car wouldn't get run into.

Sunday scouting really does pay off in KC. I guess PAWolf is right that good things happen when I come to town.

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Slim Jim's mission logs > Kansas City again: More scouting fun (Viewed 1838 times)

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