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UE Location DB > Brea Nike Missile Site LA-29 > LA-29 A-1-56 - my point of view (Viewed 556 times)
Roc Strong 

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LA-29 A-1-56 - my point of view
< on 8/28/2017 1:45 PM >
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La-29 was one of approximant 166 (I have read from over 200 to 145) Nike Missile sites in the US. during the cold war we were one of the major deterrent to the Soviets launching a nuclear strike.
Many people did not know we were there, when I ask my Family and friend if they knew what was on top of the Puente Hills they would say - some sort of radar station for the Government - that was what they knew and that was because they could see the radars from below. Most people didn't know there was a Nuclear Missile site up there. It was a secret installation and we tried to keep it that way.
LA-29 was a Nike Hercules (Nuclear) Missile site - underground due to the fact there was 3 sections. The Missile was stored underground and some maintenance was conducted down there also and that's all. No launchers, no barrack's, no office and no silo's just 7 Missiles and a room for the fire control panel that also served as the safe area for the crew when the missiles was fired.
I was never in the IFC area so I can't say anything about that except that they were a good bunch of guys. There was not an order stating for us not to associate with IFC or the other sections and that was true in Germany too. I read one account that stated we were told not to speak to the other areas and don't even eat with them in the mess hall. We were told not to talk shop when off duty and if anyone would ask and was persisted then to report him even if he was a member of the unit.
The IFC area was in a compound of it's own, it was located about a half mile up the hill and the Admin. and Launcher was in the same compound with the launcher inside a security fence. There was two Barracks, one for the IFC, Admin. and one for the Launcher with the BOQ and NCO billets in the front part with separate entrance.The day room and our small PX was in the front part of the Admin billets. The Orderly Room, Supply, Amory and Barber shop was in one building and the Mess Hall was in it's own building. As you entered the main gate there was a road to the right that went down to the Warhead building then the Generator build. then the Missile test with the Kennels on the right1.I am attaching three drawing that I found online and downloaded. there was not any restrictions on the files.
LA-29 was one of two Nike units I was stationed. The Germany Site was above ground.
I hope I am doing this right - Thank You Roc Strong



then it went into the back gate to the Launcher area.

UE Location DB > Brea Nike Missile Site LA-29 > LA-29 A-1-56 - my point of view (Viewed 556 times)

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