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UER Forum > Journal Index > Luftschlösser > Neustift am Walde 72 - Conspiracy (Viewed 202 times)
Neustift am Walde 72 - Conspiracy
entry by SirVival 
5/9/2017 11:22 PM

Hello dear Readers,
I am very happy that you clicked on this post because it is something I am very interested in and you might be too.

I am from the capital city of Austria, Vienna, and there are not many abandoned places there. Anyways, there was one abandoned Mansion just up the street from my house. The address is "Neustift am Walde 72". The mansion was built in the year 1733 and is 284 years old.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

So one day me and one of my friends decided to visit the old place. We climbed up a small hill and crawled between the old trees until we could even see where we actually were. We found ourselves on top of a huge warehouse which was built into the hill we climbed. It was made out of old grey stones and did not have any windows, just a big wooden door. An old van, which stood right next to the old building helped us climb down. From here we could see the actual mansion from the back. We wanted to approach the building but we then decided not to go inside, because we would have been very visible to anybody walking on the road. And oh boy do people from Vienna get pissed when they see somebody trespassing. That was when I started to do some research.

Chapter 2: Time to study

After I discovered how old the house was, I also found out that no house in the entire city has changed its owner so often. Me, as a curious 12/13 year old, immediately came up with some absurd conspiracy theories. The house must have been abandoned since the 1940s or 1950s which we found out in numerous records.

Later I also got my hands on some very interesting information. Remember when I told you guys about the old warehouse we started our journey on? This warehouse actually played a big role in the history of the complex. Supposedly, all of the owners of the mansion constantly tried to purchase the close lying warehouse but they failed. Sounds suspicious huh? It gets better though so keep on reading! Anyways, in 2007, the current owner of the mansion managed to buy the warehouse so he now owned both, the mansion and the warehouse. After that, in 2009, the new owner of the complex got a certificate from the city to start renovating the piece of land. When you manage to get one of these certificates, you have 4 years to start, before you need to apply for a new one. Surprise, Surprise, the owner never started to actually rebuild the house. He put up scaffolding all around the building and then mysteriously disappeared. This is not a joke, nobody knows where the guy went, he just vanished.

*Conspiracy Theory Time*

So now lets summarise all of the information we have:
-built in 1733.
-changed owners more often than any house in the entire city.
-was abandoned in 1940s/1950s.
-mansion owners fight about the warehouse.
-2007: owner finally gets his hands on the infamous warehouse.
-2009: owner "starts" renovating but then vanishes without leaving a clue.

There is one obvious thing: All the owners of the mansion knew what was inside the huge warehouse and they could not wait to get their hands on it. If you could afford a house like this in 1733, you probably were a really rich dude. Judging by the time the house was abandoned, my guess is that the house belonged to a jewish family. Vienna had a big amount of very wealthy jewish population before World War 2 broke out. After Austria was annexed by Germany many Jews had to flew the country fast to survive. This sometimes even meant leaving everything you had behind. Who gained control over the mansion after the war ended is uncertain but there still is one big question:

What the hell lies behind the huge doors of that warehouse?

And guess what. We managed to get inside and lay our eyes onto an over centuries lasting mystery.

Chapter 3: The Warehouse

It was me and three of my best friends. We were standing directly in front the massive green doors, which were towering above us. We tried to shake the door but nothing happened. One of our guys had the "brilliant" idea of trying to brake the door open with an axe but I am glad we did not do so. Demolishing the beautiful doors of such an ancient building would have broken my heart. So what we did was just a mixture of applying pressure and then suddenly pull the door back. At the beginning, the door didn't move an inch but after about 15 to 30 minutes it started moving more and more and we heard the sound of metal scratching on the concrete floor. Then finally we heard something metal fall to the ground and the heavy door started to open.
Our faces were struck with a penetrating smell of wine, which later filled the whole neighbourhood. Cold, moist air swept outside and made the whole thing a lot creepier. We took a glance inside and gazed upon seemingly infinite darkness. It was pitch black. We took out our tiny LED flashlights and shone them inside. They were so weak, that I could not see the wall on the other side. I never actually knew how big the warehouse was because it was built into a mountain but I did not expect it to be that massive. To the left, I could see a desk, with a chair behind it. On the table were papers, writing utensils and many tools. Behind it, there was a wall with boarded up windows and a door decorated with green flowers. I turned to the right and saw two ancient looking tractors. The lights were smashed on both of them and they were covered of thick dust. Behind the two tractors, I could identify big machines with metal pipes sticking from the top. I suppose they had something to do with the manufacturing of the wine we smelt. All of us were much to scared to enter the building so we left all the secrets inside. We closed the huge gates for good and tried to barricade them as good as possible.

I really regret not going inside and uncover the mystery but I just didn't. Which I guess is somewhat understandable because me and my friends were only 12 or maybe 13 years old at that time. Shortly after this event, we moved to the States, where I have been living to this day.
Often I think about what me might have found inside this beastie of a warehouse. Someday, I hope to return and finish whatever I started on that day.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my little story and would be very happy, if you could give some feedback!
I wish all of you guys a fantastic day and never stop Urban Exploring!

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UER Forum > Journal Index > Luftschlösser > Neustift am Walde 72 - Conspiracy (Viewed 202 times)

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