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UER Forum > Journal Index > Life, the Universe and Everything > Hmm, a blog eh (Viewed 1975 times)
Hmm, a blog eh
entry by Duke 
8/21/2004 8:35 PM

Ok well let's see, I have a blog now I guess. hmmm, well if is any indication I think that means I have to talk about the opposite sex. Well here goes:

Girls are evil. They may act like they want you, but oh no, they sure don't. No matter how nice you are, no matter how much you care about them, no matter how hard you try to show them, they don't want you. Maybe i'm weird, but i grew up thinking women wanted a guy who was romantic, someone who respected them. Someone sweet and sensitive, smart, with a sense of humour. Apparantley they just say that to throw us off when in actual fact they just want whatever asshole happens to sweet-talk 'em first.

All I seem to attract are crazies. The few women that seem to show any interest in me usually tend to scare me for one reason or another. If not they just rip my heart out. I'm fuckin sick of it, I can't just find a nice normal girl, I always just get stuck in fucked up situations.

Am I really that out of touch? Is romance really and truly dead? Whatever happened to the power of love being able to conquer all? i don't know some times it just seems futile. Like I'll never find a woman who understands me, who'll actually WANT to be with me and not be some psyho hose-beast.

I always thought being positive, being a good person, putting others needs ahead of my own, were good personality traits. One might even say, attractive personality traits. But apparantley not as attractive as being able to dance and spout the same pick-up lines over and over and over again. Maybe it's not me, maybe it's the bar scene. Maybe when I get back in school things'll change....nah I doubt it.

/stereotypical angsty blog

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The Hitman's Daughter 

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Re: Hmm, a blog eh
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All I seem to attract are crazies. - that is because all females are crazy. Serio. I'm glad I'm not a guy, or a lesbian. I wouldn't want to have to deal with being in a relationship with crazy moody mixed-message psychotic girls. Girls scare me.
From now on and until the end of time, "Hip To Be Square" will conjure images of bloody bodies being hacked apart with axes.
UER Forum > Journal Index > Life, the Universe and Everything > Hmm, a blog eh (Viewed 1975 times)

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