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UER Forum > US: Northeast > Fire Mill (Bandwagons Ahoy!) (Viewed 128 times)

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Fire Mill (Bandwagons Ahoy!)
< on 6/22/2020 3:31 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Three threads about the same mill at the top of the board? Why not!

I explored this with user C. Enzo, whose thread is here;

User Philodiss also happened to visit the very next day by total coincidence, here:

01: Grayfield
A bad sign of the times, but a great sign of hidden ruins.

02: Entrance Room
Walking into rust and concrete.

03: Slippage
What might've been a neat shot ruined by the camera sliding downwards very slightly during exposure.

04: Cancertank
Did it hold water? Did it hold PCBs? Did it hold PCBs mixed with asbestos? Perhaps even gallons of Surge???

05: Home Away From Home
Probably the most upscale homeless camp I've ever seen. An almost real bed, one of the two windows had an actual barrier to the outside, and there's even the beginnings of a home gym!

06: Elevator to Hell II
Get in if you wanna tempt fate.

07: A Cry
Help! I've shat myself and the 'mart's out of wipe! If only my dumb vandal brain was capable of higher thought I wouldn't have used me hand!

08: Preferred Steam
No way this tank can withstand the same pressures from before.

09: Attachment Point
Perhaps more burner equipment would go here.

10: Spiky Mascot
The mouse clearly had his gloves in the manufacturing business before the industry collapsed in the US some decades ago.

Several layers of brick wall have shamelessly fallen away to reveal more brick wall. A small spot of the adjacent room is visible through a hole at the bottom left.

12: Block Glass
Many of the block glass panes are shattered by thrown bricks, but many more survive.

13: Green Inside and Out
Vines creep through the holes in the windows.

14: Water Quadrants
Block glass windows will never not be a lovely aesthetic.

15: Curvateur
Whether poorly constructed at the time or warped by the same hand, a few of these windows stood very askew.

16: Shifty Flooring
The great turbine building, which continues for almost a football field's length off the right side, caved in floor to basement except for this one small corner due to a fire that tore through this and one other building some years ago.

17: Big Doors
Upon reviewing these photos, I don't recall seeing the other side of this door. Where it leads is a mystery.

18: Covered Area
The building visible here is one of the victims of the arson fire that tore through the campus. The section at the right caved in from roof to foundation, like the turbine building. The bridge connecting the left edge of the photo to the brick wall was once a covered bridge, but all of it save for the deck burned away in the fire. Ash stains are still visible on the ceiling of the covered area. Further in the distance, a building sitting above another covered area still stands, but is totally inaccessible without one heck of a leap of faith.

19: Move Along
A spot of yellow in the green and gray points us down the next vine-choked path.

20: Lotsa Lines
A variety of fencing materials patterned over a stone backdrop.

21: Been a While
Somehow I haven't seen a spiral staircase anywhere since the first mill I ever explored, in 2010.

22: Above Upstairs
One of the floors the spiral stairs led to.

23: Time For a Break
Having seen as much of the lower floors as we could, we decided to take a break and grab the water and C. Enzo's spare battery we left at the cars. Then we planned to check out the railroad entrance to the place and the upper floors of the entrance building.

24: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Has got herself a morsel.

25: Walking the Planks
We found a safer way to reach the shoreside buildings across the river than to inch across the ruined bride. View of its final standing wall from out on the pancaked building.

26: Did You Hear That?
Just before descending these steps, we heard the cry of an animal (or something...!) echo up from the dark hall. "This is the part where we become horror movie victims" - C. Enzo.

27: Brewhouse
There comes a time in every engineer's life where the pipes have been run and rerun so many times that when asked where the water flows, their answer is "yes". This turbine was deactivated earlier than the other two C. Enzo found, evidenced by its driveshaft being intentionally severed long before the collapse (driveshaft not visible here). A large wheel, part of the mechanical to electric conversion process, sits at the back.

28: Unserviceable
This is the area beneath the turbine. It is a good one or two storey drop into dark water.

29: Running Water
Some artistic brickwork under the turbine slows the running water.

30: Dick me Up, Scotty
Finally it was time to check out the upper floor of the initial building.

31: It's Fine
The second floor landing almost burned away during the fire. There was just enough of it left to cross to the doorway. The steps on the other end only went up to a dead-end landing.

32: Ain't Stairs
Anyone up for it? There go our plans for reaching the third floor.

33: Your Panes Have Been Claimed by the Vine Empire
Twisting wood.

34: Bridge Over Troubled Asphalt
Once upon a time, this was a covered bridge. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

35: The Leap
At the other end of the bridge, one could perhaps make the leap into that doorway, or climb the piles of rubble down below. Clearly someone's made it there before.


Having seen everything we could think of wanting to see a this time, and I believe even beating our record for longest exploration yet at five and a half hours, we called it here.

We headed to a burger place where I drank probably a liter or more of ginger ale.

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Huh. I guess covid made me a trendsetter.

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Re: Fire Mill (Bandwagons Ahoy!)
< Reply # 1 on 6/22/2020 4:05 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
All of these are cool, but Cancer Tank and Block Glass stand out the most to me as my favorites. Great work!

Indiana Jones wasn't an archaeologist, he was an urban explorer. Archaeologists do a lot less running and a lot more paperwork.


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Re: Fire Mill (Bandwagons Ahoy!)
< Reply # 2 on 7/5/2020 6:26 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Posted by Aran
All of these are cool, but Cancer Tank and Block Glass stand out the most to me as my favorites. Great work!

Thanks! We went back a second time the next weekend.

UER Forum > US: Northeast > Fire Mill (Bandwagons Ahoy!) (Viewed 128 times)

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