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UER Forum > UE Main > What Was the Most Cunning Security Detail You Ever Experienced? (Viewed 158 times)
S&J Adventures 

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What Was the Most Cunning Security Detail You Ever Experienced?
< on 5/17/2018 1:52 AM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
So a recent revisit to a well known local location with a buddy who was getting into the hobby inspired me to write this. This place usually has a mediocre security presence, just a patrol every few hours, otherwise usually stationed and sleeping or something similar, so what we came across was quite a surprise. The first thing we noticed was the guard placed a decoy car at the entrance, simple enough to see it was empty however but still a lot more effort than usual. The next thing we notice is the guard is doing constant patrols, I'm talking every 5 minutes or so. We get in easy enough and reach the basement right as he pulls around the corner, luckily we were in by then. We explore for a bit and decide it's time to make our way out. As I pop my head out of the basement the guard just turned the corner and has the front of his car facing me. I duck down faster than I thought would ever be possible for me and contemplate what to do. If we were spotted, the PD was a few blocks down and would not be long for them to respond. After waiting about 5 minutes we decide my head must have been too low for him to see and decide to leave via a different route. Once again the guard pulls over the corner, this time not far enough to have seen us. We leave through our original exit and take the long annoying way through weeds and brush. This is when we noticed something about his patrols, they were never after a fixed time. He would patrol after 3 minutes one time then wait for 5 the next and for 1 the next, etc. He also stationed himself on random areas of his patrol for a few minutes. He also tried to catch anyone making their way out, or in, by parking in an opening that you need to cross, facing away from where you would be but clearly checking his mirrors, the way his car was facing it wouldn't make sense to look forward. The last bit of trickery was turning on the lights of his decoy car and turning off the lights of his car. Nevertheless, we made it out of there without any sort of police involvement. The guard did cause me to end up with flooded shoes though so, touche. How about you? What was the trickiest security you ever encountered?

I did get a pretty neat shot in the basement though.....


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Re: What Was the Most Cunning Security Detail You Ever Experienced?
< Reply # 1 on 5/17/2018 12:38 PM >
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Posted on Forum: UER Forum
Ive been in a few places that were rigged by the live-in caretaker to be traps. Stacks of loud items blocking doors, others locked while some just need a board moved to avoid an avalanche. In one instance it was so disorienting I had to leave, and I didnt return until I was sure they were no longer inside. Aside from that most security guards ive dealt with have been inept.
UER Forum > UE Main > What Was the Most Cunning Security Detail You Ever Experienced? (Viewed 158 times)

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